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    Oakley Radar EV Path loose arm/hinge within 1-2 weeks

    Hi all, I bought an Oakley Radar Ev Path on July 17, but noticed a couple days ago that the right arm/hinge is loose (ie glasses bend under its own weight). Is this normal wear-and-tear?
  2. C

    Prizm Deep Water Polarized or Prizm Black Polarized?

    Looking at a new polarized lens for my Radar EV. White frame. Uses for me: —driving —running errands —light hiking (I live in the Midwest) —laying by the pool —walking, running (for fitness, not looking at running 5ks or anything) I don’t fish but if I did it wouldn’t be anything too crazy...
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    How can I replace a missing ear stem?

    I’ve lost the left ear stem of my polished white Radar EV path frames. Oakley customer services say I need to replace the entire frame, though I would rather try to replace the missing part first. I haven’t had much luck on all the other regular sites (eBay etc). Does anybody have any advice?
  4. A

    What size is my Radar EV Path?

    Hello Guys, Today I received my new Radar EV Path sunglasses. On the website I ordered them from the description said they were small but I'm not sure if they really are. SKU is OO9208-9438. On the box it doesn't say anything about being small, it just says s:38 t:128. Can anyone help me...
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    Best tour de france radar ev

    From 2015 to 2022, what is the best TDF frame colorway?
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    Sold  Radar Ev Path Time Brasil (New)

    Radar Ev Time Brasil (New) Brand new in box. It includes: Case Microfiber bag Nose pad box a small crack (see last photo) If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible Price $ 210 Free shipping to USA Pay with Paypal
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    For Sale  Turbine Prizm Daily Polarized

    All, I have two items I'd like to move... 1. Turbine, Polished Black w/ Prizm Daily Polarized - Pair is practically brand new, wore a handful of times but mostly sat in my case. Lenses are 10/10, Frame is 9/10 only because its polished so there are minor cleaning marks. Ear stems are 10/10...
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    Sold  Radar EV Path - Prizm Road - (2) Black Ird - Jade Ird

    Acquired (4) Radar EV Path Replacements in a bundle purchase, I don't wear this model so I'm not in need of them. Although before I go ahead an chop them up for Split Jacket donors, I figure I'd see if anyone here was interested. All trades are welcome for consideration be it for all (4) or just...
  9. Jerome

    New Radar EV Path colors coming

    Just saw some new Radar EV Path colors on edel-optics.nl, here they are: Splatter Poseidon with 24K Iridium. Looking good to me! Grey Ink with Prizm Road Black, no specific information on Prizm Road Black however. The good news is PRB is coming for sure, now I want to see some specs on PRB...