1. TylerJ

    Buying Want to Buy Asian Fit glasses or Razor Blades

    Hello Everyone! First time posting on here, woot woot. I'm looking for asian fit Radar EVs or Radarlocks in any colorway. Radar Ev lens in Jade Iridium Polaraized, Ruby Iridium Polarized, and Fire Iridium Polarized Also very very interested in finding Razor Blades in any color, any style...
  2. narplife

    Buying Squaw Lake Tahoe Radar Exclusive

    My brother in-law is looking for a replacement pair of Matte Black Radars with Ice Iridium lenses that had the etching of Lake Tahoe on them. Aside from a couple articles on them, I can't find a mention of them on here at all 😒 He said his had socks/icons which were closer to what the pair on...
  3. TravisCook

    Sold Radar XL $SOLD

    Okay, so, ended up keeping the HP (thank you again, for the clasp, Zach), and still would like some extra money for my upcoming trip this Friday. I’m listing a couple pairs today and maybe two or three more tomorrow. Here’s the two I have ready: 1.) Radar XL (don’t think that these were...
  4. Frogskins


  5. Frogskins


  6. Jerome

    Oakley Radar EV Advancer

    I saw these very briefly on otticasm.com but they are not visible on that website anymore. I was able to pull some info from the google cache by searching for: Oakley oo9442 They look more like Radar Fields than Radar Paths. I guess the taller lenses provide more coverage and the advancer...
  7. Bonz-1

    Sold 30th anniversary Radar lock

    This frame just isn't getting any use so imI going to offer it to someone else!! Has positive red 30th anniversary etched lenses !! Also has a blue lens (dorrs not sure what is ) and a extra nose piece in a zipper clam case!! Looking for $85 shipped conus !! International I will pay first $7 ...
  8. hockeyguy

    For Sale Radar Pace

    NIB, haven’t used yet. Asking $120 plus shipping.
  9. Tejada

    Sold Lot Radar. Antifreeze, Crystal Black, Matte Black.

    Lot Radar. Antifreeze, Crystal Black, Matte Black. The lot includes 3 lenses, 4 cases, 6 sets of rubber bands. Lot price $ 310 Free shipping to usa. Pay by Paypal
  10. santmyre

    Loose Brand-New OCP Radar EV Arms? Help!

    Hello Oakley forum brotha’s. I need some advice or help. I received this OCP Radar EV on the 27th or so of October. I noticed right out the box one of the arms was pretty loose. Loose to the point I can hold them by the nose and it flops. I included pictures of the arm moving under it’s own...
  11. Sushobhon Samuel Morrison

    Buying Blue Iridium Radar Path or M frame Lens

    Looking for blue Iridium (vr28) radar path or M frame (any shape) lens...if anyone has one for sell please send me a message.
  12. Tejada

    For Sale Radar Antifreeze

    Radar Antifreeze Glasses in good condition, lenses with some cleaning scratches that do not affect vision 9/10 Price $ 185 Pay by Paypal Free shipping to the USA
  13. Timimen

    Buying Black Iridium Radar Range Lens

    Hoping that some collector on this forum might have one available for sale. Don't understand why Oakley quit making this lens, and don't really want to go the aftermarket route. Hit me up please~
  14. GavinL

    My 100+ Radar collection

    It's got a bit larger since I last posted a group Picture
  15. santmyre

    Buying Looking for RADAR EV's!!!

    Looking for some good deals on some more Radar EV’s. I prefer Pitch lenses but those are a lot less common. As long as the lens are scratch free I don’t mind used. I prefer slightly used. No Asian fit. (Not my picture)
  16. cacatman

    For Sale *** NOSE BOMBS & EARSOCKS for Sale (Including Vintage Pairs) ***

    If you are unsure of what earsocks you need, please tell us the name of the model and upload a CLEAR photograph of the rubbers WITH a ruler/tape measure next to it so we can check whether we have what you want. Vintage Rubber/Earsock Sale Please READ Carefully:- Quantities ARE LIMITED. But...
  17. Ueuezaza

    For Sale Radar Infinte Hero

    Hi guys, I'm selling my whole Oakley Radar collection (about 12 different limited editions). All of them are 100% authentic and in perfect/new condition. Here I am offering a brand new, unworn pair of Radar Infinite Hero. Including soft and hard case, spare nosepiece, badge and all the rest...
  18. Millertime2598

    For Sale Large Nose Pieces

    Got an abundance of larger nose pieces and I don't need any of them. Hoping they can be put to better use. $5 shipped for each. Jawbone/Racing Jackets Black = All Sold White = 2 Radar/Radarlock Grey = 5 Red = 2 Black = 17 Half Jacket 1.0 Black = 8 Golden Rod = 1 Flak Jacket 1.0 Black = 4...
  19. Tejada

    Sold 3 Radar Frame Beaters $170

    3 Radar Frame Beaters frames with some scratches, the lenses of the silver frame are in good condition. Any doubt I will resolve it with pleasure Price $170 pay by Paypal free shipping in the united states
  20. santmyre

    For Sale New Custom Oakley Radar EV Retina Burn +Red Iridium

    A custom straight from Oakley's website. Build includes; Retina Burn frame, +Red Iridium Lens, Polished Black Icon, & Black Ear Socks. Comes with custom bag, Large Radar Case, Custom box, & paperwork. Condition: Worn once to try on. Don't fit my narrow head very well. Asking Price: $120 shipped...
  21. Bonz-1

    Sold Price drop !!! Radar pace !!

    Hey guys I switched phones and I can't get these to work right so I'm going to move them on !! Actually used about 10 times !! Sorry I scratched the original Prizm road lenses cleaning them today;! ( Not been my day!! ) Clear lenses haven't been used ! Has all extras it came with!! $75.84 obo...
  22. santmyre

    Whats up from chicago-land area!

    How is it going? Been a member on here for a couple weeks but forgot to post here. Mostly into the sporty frames. Own a couple Radar EV's (my favorite). And my main goal is to find the retina burn ear socks for them. Thanks!
  23. Millertime2598

    For Sale Custom Radar Array - Polished Aluminum with 3 lenses

    Had this frame and a few lenses around; figured put them together and pass them along to someone who can use them. Glasses will come with a White Radar Array case. Please let me know if you have any questions. Frame is Polished Aluminum. It is used and you can see in the pictures, but only...
  24. GavinL

    Buying Radar pitch or Path lenses

    All, I'm also looking for lenses for the Radar from the Oakleytrader15 sales, Pitch or Path will be fine. Happy to take black, warm grey, slate as long as they are at least a 9 out of 10 condition. Especially keen to get a couple of Positive red and a Persimmon pitch lenses. Buy only, ship...
  25. Sushobhon Samuel Morrison

    Buying oakley radar xl fire iridium lens

    Looking to buy radar xl fire iridium lens.. If anyone has them and want to sell, please contact me.
  26. D

    For Sale Radar pace $250

    Selling my radar pace. I do a lot mountain biking and my ev zeros just work better. Iv used these maybe 10 times and they work and sound great but like I mentioned just not what I need. I have everything them. Both lenses, headphones, extra earbuds, wind deflector, box, paper work, case The road...
  27. GavinL

    A fake and a few nice peices....

    I got caught with a fake but these new Radars more than made up for it Matte Red Radar. I have a green version that was an Oakley Golf tournament giveaway
  28. Rotorhead

    Sold Radar Array +

    For sale is a new, or like new Radar Array. The set is without any noticeable flaws and includes a G30 Iridium Polarized Lens. This was my first time seeing one and it is nothing like it's little brother the G30 Iridium, commonly used for Golf. The Polarized version stepped down the light...
  29. Sushobhon Samuel Morrison

    Prizm Golf lens problem

    My prizm golf radar ev pitch lens has a very bad peeling of iridium coating in the middle of the lens (the area where 'Oakley' is etched) but otherwise the lens is fine and has no scratches inside.. Should i use it or buy a new lens?
  30. xmetal40

    Sold Radar & Fast Jacket - Updated and Price Drop

    CONUS shipping please. All three frames barely used. I wear X-Metal. For three years, these three frames sat in carrying cases. All excellent condition. Radarlock: Jade and +red lenses, & carrying case. $old Radar frame & microfiber bag only: $30 -- Price Drop $25 Fast Jacket: OO Red...