1. rml0015

    Prizm Road: It can't be just me. Lens defect.

    Hi all, I've just purchased some Radar Ev shades with the Prizm Road lens. Thought I'd give it another shot after I had an issue with this specific lens some time ago in an EVzero. Welp, this lens has the same exact problem 2 years later. There's a weird stress distortion inside the lens. No...
  2. D

    My translucent pair of Oakley's.

    My translucent pair of Oakley's. It sure was a task to find these, but it was well worth it!
  3. U


  4. Tentails

    Oakley Radar EV ear socks Acc heads up

    So -- I ordered me a pair of slate ear socks from Oakley for my Radar EVs. And I noticed the image was different. I couldnt put my finger on it. You know - dumb ol' me actually seeing that the picture doesn't match the actual model (see image) -- but it's still labeled radar EV. Ok cool. Order...
  5. U

    For Sale  2 pair Jeff Staple Collab Radar & Holbrook 2010 BNIB (ish) Sacrifice $150 for both (Part 1)

    The Radar is like a white carbon fiber with high intensity yellow path and the Holbrook is white with Chrome iridium. They both come in the box with micros and paper work. The Radar is mint and both boxes are in very good condition. One has a slit label. The Holbrook is a defect. The lenses are...
  6. U

    Sold  Radar Earsock Kits various colors

    Have a few Radar Earsock/Nosepiece Kits available. $10 each including shipping. Box available to ship with if requested. All 5 for $40. Will consider discounts for multiple. PM with any questions (x1) White 06-207 (x2) Red 06-209 (x2) Slate 06-217
  7. U

    Sold  Surplus Sale Take 15% off the price listed

    Surplus Sale Take 15% off the price listed Buy all for $800,- with free shipping. 1. Valve Platinum -FMJ- with Box 03-876 9/10 small marks on frame only $110,- (Sold) 2. Valve Platinum -FMJ- 03-876 9/10 small marks on frame only ($95,- Sold) 3. Valve Ducati 12-638 with Box 9,5/10 small...
  8. U

    For Sale  Radar Pitch White Chrome / VR28 blue iridium

    I have for sale one Radar Pitch White Chrome frame with VR28 blue iridium lens. Frame has paint scratches on it and the lens is in moderate condition, slight delamination only in the middle. Asking 60USD including shipping. Open to offers. Thanks for looking.
  9. U

    For Sale  Radar Chrome and Radarlock Safehouse Green

    Radar Polished Aluminium frame with vr28 blue iridium lens. Lens has delamination on the outer surface of the lens. Frame is in ok condition. No earsocks. This sale also includes one beater Radarlock xl black iridium lens. Asking 80 USD including shipping Thanks for looking.
  10. U

    Sold  Infinte Hero Radar Path Carbon/Black Iridium $120

    For your purchase consideration is a nearly new pair of Infinite Hero Radar Path with Carbon frame and Black Iridium lenses. I would rate these a 9 or better all-around. These will come with what's pictured; sorry, no hard case. Asking $120 G&S, $110 F&F. Both options include USA shipping. Feel...
  11. skg

    Anyone know anything about new radar lenses?

    Hi, do anybody know when/if there are going to be realeased knew radar lenses? I'm thinking of a brighter prizm snow lens, like the hi-pink or rose. Anyone know? Thanks
  12. U

    Sold  Radar EV Path Tour De France

    Radar EV Path Tour De France Totally new. Matte Poseidon/Prizm Road Price $ 150 Free shipping by DHL express. Pay by Paypal
  13. U

    Sold  Ichiro Radar Frame

    Recently got this in a bulk deal and just don’t care for the color. It does have a little damage in the lens track. Also noticed the pin that holds in one of the arms is gone. Noticed when it popped off. Asking $45 shipped.
  14. U

    Buying  ISO Radar Pitch lenses

    Preferably jade or sapphire for OG Radar, but open to anything in new/like new condition
  15. U

    Sold  Antifreeze Radar/G26 $SOLD SHIPPED CONUS

    Hello all. For sale is a pair of Antifreeze Radar’s. Lens is G26 Pitch (calling the lens beater, but still usable — View Photos) Frame SKU is 24-147 New rubbers recently installed. Underneath each icon, there is tiny pin marks. Very hard to catch on photo. I have included two separate...
  16. U

    Sold  Gold Iridium Radar Range Lens

    Selling a Radar Range Gold Iridium Lens. It looks like it was mounted due to the mounting marks, but overall in very good shape. I originally bought this for a custom cut b/c Gold is so hard to get for a larger orbital frame (trenchcoat in my case) but decided to go a different route. Lens is...
  17. U

    Sold  A couple of Radar EVs

    Both are Matte Black frame with Yellow icon and black ear socks. Both are brand new, never used. - one has Ruby Iridium Path lens ($120 shipped OBO) - one has Prizm Sapphire Polarized Pitch lens ($140 shipped OBO) Open to trades as well!
  18. W

    Radar Range lenses

    Hey all this is my first post. I have a pair of Radars with the Range lenses. I have been dealing with scratched up lenses for a while since they don’t have Range lenses in the US website anymore. They are on the EU site but they can’t sell them to me? I’ve called and it’s annoying. However...
  19. U

    For Sale  Radar Earsocks

    Selling 4 sets as a batch. All are NIB. $30USD shipped within North America. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ng3cg6cjb774ipp/IMG_4967.heic?dl=0
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  21. U

    For Sale  Radar Tour de France + Gascan S Tortoise

    very new radar sunglasses in perfect condition included bag gascan S tortoise Some details on the lenses and frame $ 250 with shipping included
  22. U

    Sold  Radarlock Path Green Fade Collection Array OO9181-57 $140

    For your purchase consideration is a pair of Radarlock Path Green Fade Collection, with Prizm Road and Field lenses. Purchased new in 2017, this pair has been worn sparingly, with the lenses and frames both rated at a 8.5 or better. These will come with soft vault array case, original micro bag...
  23. BikerDood


    What's up Oakley fanatics? I am a long time fan myself. Pappy got me a pair of cast off Razorblades and Factory Pilots to start me off as a kid, now here I am still into weird shades 😎 Thanks for any tips on using the site.
  24. U

    Buying  Radar Path Sunglasses

    Looking for a pair of Radar Path sunnies in new or like new condition. Looking for a neutral color like all black frame with black lenses (polar or non polar) or something similar. Let me know what you got. Thanks!
  25. U

    Sold  Rubber for Radar, Flak, Radarlock

    Flak OCP Team and Rubbers 7 Flak rubber sets $ 80 5 Radar rubber sets $50 2 Radarlock sets $25 Pay by Paypal Free shipping in the USA If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will reply to you as soon as possible.
  26. santmyre

    2 pairs OCP Radar EV Retina Flipped!

    I’ve had both pairs for around 2 months. Been on the look out for Retina Burn socks for the black pair. Scored some and completed the color flip. The black pair originally had black socks. Both are OCP’s.
  27. S

    What lens is this?

    Is it Ruby?
  28. Jerome

    Prizm Road Jade

    Just found this new Prizm Road Jade lens, when it's about to be released is unknown to me, but it's coming for multiple frames. Update Full Review: https://www.oakleyforum.com/guides/oakley-prizm-jade-lens-review/ Flak 2.0 XL Radar EV Path Sutro Jawbreaker Flight Jacket From the...
  29. Seek Optics

    Black Friday Sale - Seek Optics Compatible Replacement Lenses & Parts

    Hi Everyone! We couldn't wait! Here is our Black Friday Sale! No messy coupon codes, just add to your cart and you are good to go! Take advantage before time runs out! Offer valid while supplies last! 40% Off Everything!