radarlock path

  1. U

    Sold  Radarlock Path Lens, Fuel Cell, Batwolf

    Hey dudes, Have a couple things for sale that I don’t use much… 1. Batwolf frame, matte black, purple anodized and honeycomb icons. Snappy, no blemishes. $OLD. 2. Fuel Cell, polished black, warm grey lenses. No marks on frames or lenses. $OLD. 3. Radarlock path Mark Cavendish jade iridium...
  2. Maveryq13

    Made out like a bandit at the Vault

    Casually went to the Vault today and lucked out big time. The manager had a discontinued Radarlock Path bundle, (pre-Prizm). Since it was missing the frames, we custom built a pair from stock. I chose Ink matte frame, cardinal red sidepieces, and gloss black icons. 4 lenses, case, microbag and...
  3. W

    Radarlock Path King’s Woodland Camo for sale?

    I received a pair of King’s Woodland Camo Radarlock Path glasses as a gift from my dad a few years back. They were unfortunately stolen out of my college dorm and I can no longer find them anywhere online to replace them. They meant a lot to me and would be interested in buying if any come...
  4. U

    Traded  Radarlock Silver (clear donor) w/ Ice + Pers

    These came include with a purchase I made, not particularly my style comes with soft vault in excellent condition - can throw in a new head strap if buyer wants one. @SouLFuLFroG has done a number of cleared custom Monster Dogs, these Radarlock frames could be a donor for a similar...
  5. U

    For Sale  RadarLock Path Blood Orange - Fire Iridium Polarized

    This is a like new Radarlock Path, Blood Orange, Fire Iridium Polarized no box. Also selling with as set - additional 5 lenses 1 Jade Iridium vented, not Pola 1 Fire Iridium coating and lens color as the one in the frame, not vented, not Pola. 1 Grey Lens - no Iridium, not vented, not Pola 2...
  6. U

    Deal  OCP Radarlock Path

    For sale is my OCP Radarlock Path The frame color is Matte Black Ink (I thought it was heather grey, but it isn’t) The lens is Clear to BI Photochromic vented. The glasses are in used shape. Lens has what appears to be some small water spots but, doesn’t affect overall clarity of lens. Included...
  7. 100Plus

    My Love for sports Frame

    After much debate and asking around for some opinions from my loved she says this is the most beauty of them all. And finally i gave my favorite buddy a new life. A new change of clothes and and a new set of lens. Just brought my Fast Jacket out for a walk. I was stunned by the beauty of the...
  8. U

    For Sale  Frogs, Holbrooks, JFL Polarized, and Radarlock (VR46 + Cavendish) LNIB

    Hi Everyone, I am selling some of the glasses that have been sitting in my case for a long time with no wear. All pairs are like new and come with the Micro bags / cases / and boxes. Please Let me know if you have any questions! 1. VR46 Frogskins / Holbrooks (BOTH SOLD) 2. Jupiter Factory...
  9. U

    Buying  Looking for a Radar Lock frame for a project price matters, color doesn't

    Hello, I am looking for a cheep radar lock frame for a hydro dip project. If you have one laying around and would like to see it re- live its glory please tell me what you have and what you would like for it. Pairs with a lens I don't already have will get extra consideration.
  10. Linegear Japan

    Clearance Sales 15% OFF - Snow goggle lens & more

    Hi all, CLEARANCE SALE replacement lenses for Snow goggle replacement for: A Frame, AirBrake, Canopy, Crowbar & Splice Popular Oakley frames: Radar Path, Radarlock Path, Racing jacket are at 15% OFF until May 26th, 2015. You can find them on our eBay store. Thank you very much. Linegear