radarlock pitch

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    Radarlock xl or radarlock pitch

    Is it radarlock xl or radarlock pitch? It looks like Radarlock xl but i am not sure
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    Better lens coverage between M2 XL and Radarlock Pitch

    I want to buy new prizm cricket lens.. I have two options.. M2 xl and radarlock pitch.. which provides better lens coverage between the two frames?
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    Sold Camo Radarlock w/ Baseball Prizm LNIB

    For Sale is a pair of very slightly used Custom Radarlocks. No scratches or defects found, all Oakley, no boxes. Price is $sold delivered US. Frame: Shadow Camo (black and grey), Matte black deco-plate Lens: Baseball Field - Increased Contrast, Pitch Icons: Metallic Earsocks: Cardinal Red...
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    Sold Radarlock lens LNIB / Sapphire Irid. Pol.

    For sale is a pair of Sapphire Iridium Polarized Lens (Pitch) for Radarlock. They have been lightly used, and I could only find a couple very tiny scratches on the far right side. Does not interfere with vision. My camera could not capture them and they were hard for me to find. Comes with...