razor blades

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    Razor blade re release

    New oakley razor blade release coming soon - Filipe Toledo who just became world surfing champ seen wearing a pair of glasses that must be a re release of the razor blade. See Oakley surfing for the post.
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    Aftermarket replacement lenses for Oakley Razor Blades (1980s blade lenses)

    Does anybody know where I would be able to find a source that sells replacement lenses for the Razor blades in the 80s?
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    Raplacement lens for Oakley Razor Blade 30y Heritage.

    Hi ! New post here as I could not find the answer. The Fire Iridium lens for my 30y Anniversary Oakley Razor Blades got destroyed and when I contact Luxottica they do not carry after market parts for this model as it was a limited edition. The third party replacement lenses seem all to fit...
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    Trading Looking for New Razor Blades

    Really would like Neon with Fire, but open to whatever people are willing to let go. Got more than a few special/limited edition Fuel Cells.
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    Buying Want to Buy Asian Fit glasses or Razor Blades

    Hello Everyone! First time posting on here, woot woot. I'm looking for asian fit Radar EVs or Radarlocks in any colorway. Radar Ev lens in Jade Iridium Polaraized, Ruby Iridium Polarized, and Fire Iridium Polarized Also very very interested in finding Razor Blades in any color, any style...