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    Sold  OEM Orange Iridium Razor Blade lens with yellow nosepiece

    Up for sale is an original Orange Iridium Razor Blade lens with yellow nosepiece. The lens doesn't appear to have been used as I see no mounting marks but there are some extremely fine micro scratches in some spots on the outer surface. They're so fine, I can't even see them while looking thru...
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    Sold  Heritage Collection Razor Blade - Seafoam/White with Grey Lens

    Up for sale is a seafoam/white with grey lens Heritage Razor Blade (OO9140-11). I've never personally worn them, and to be conservative, I am listing them as used b/c I don't know if they have been worn before. There is one very small mark above the Oakley etching on the bridge as noted in the...
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    Vintage Oakley Blades

    I'm in the market for a pair of vintage oakley blades and was wondering if there is anything in particular I should look out for when buying? Also, do the lenses retain their impact resistant (ANSI Z 87.1) properties over time? I'm planning on actually using them.
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    Buying  Razor Blade:Slit lens / NOS Lenses

    Why not give it a try? Looking for a slit lens for the razor blades! New/used, any colour. If you got (razor) blade parts, boxes or glasses you want to get rid of, just let me know :) Cheers, Zoltan
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    For Sale  Flying Tigers Gascan $190 / STPL Radar $210 / Half Wire XL / Vintage Razor Blades

    Got a mint, complete matte sand flying tigers gascan to trade. Will sell for $190 ($OLD) shipped to CONUS, Paypal F&F. Also added a vintage razor blades, pink with grey. Frame has a crack on the right side and was glued back together. I haven't worn these so don't know if the glue will hold...