1. E

    Searching for Oakley Razorblades OO9140-08

    I saw these Razorblades listed on ebay a few days ago. I wasn't able to snatch them in time and was wondering where else I can find these. The listing ended, but the stem of the glasses had the SKU number OO9140-08. These are the only ones I've seen in this color and cannot find these anywhere...
  2. U

    Buying  Kith x Oakley Razorblades in Pink

    Hi, I am looking for a pair of Kith x Oakley Razor Blades in Pink. Please slide DM for offers. Thanks
  3. H

    What are my razorblades worth?

    Genuinely curious on the price of them individually. Both with boxes and never worn. Thoughts?
  4. handimanni


    Colab with KITH and OAKLEY, presented by Daniel Arsham. oakley x kith ARSHAM STUDIO 3018 (@danielarsham) • Instagram photos and videos so far this is an unrelease, im guessing daniel is close friends with the creator of KITH, Ronnie Fieg, which gave him some goodies for his trip to aspen...
  5. L

    Broken Razorblade arms repair

    So I’ve posted before about my Razorblades’ arms and their loose hinges, but now I’ve gone and broke them. I dropped them and they just broke right on the hinge. What I wanted to find out is if this is a fixable problem? I have all the pieces that broke, would it be possible to repair them? I...
  6. L

    Loose arms on razor blades fix?

    I've got a pair of seafoam green heritage razor blades that I picked up off ebay last week and the arms are pretty loose. I had a pair of razor blades before that weren't nearly as loose, the arms on these ones kinda flop around and tend to come off rather easily. The clamp part near the hinges...
  7. D

    Heritage Razor Blades

    Does anyone know where I can buy the all black heritage razor blades Black Fire Iridium lens looked everywhere and still can't find them available. From Australia... Thanks heaps
  8. B

    Oakley Blades Earpieces

    Hey guys, Just found this listing for a vintage Earpiece Kit, if anyone is interested? Have always found them rare to see. Seems pretty unusual that it’s unopened, as well. OAKLEY VINTAGE COMPLETE EARPIECE KIT - CRYSTAL RED, NEW AND UNUSED | eBay
  9. B

    2005 RazorBlade

    Just paid for a pair of BNIB 2005 RazorBlades. Neon yellow with fire +Special etching from a snowboarding tournament in Mammoth, Or. This is going to be one sick pair.
  10. S

    Razor blade blue iridium

    Is this blue iridium lens or what?
  11. U

    Buying  Vintage Razorblade Nosepiece

    Looking for the vintage razorblade nosepiece unfortunately lost mines and looking to replace. Thanks
  12. charlie4

    Vintage RazorBlade Colors?

    Need some help on this please. As collectors, which frame colors are the least desirable for vintage razor blades. I currently have crystal black but I am looking to get another pair to try and start building my collection. I figured I'd start by collecting the ones that people want the least...
  13. gameforce11

    New pick ups!

    sharing pics of some blades and shades. love the discounted prices. A good break from metals for now.
  14. OakleyFreak

    Heritage Razor Blades

    So I ordered 6 pair I was able to get 2 of the Black and Fire They look great I ordered one of ever other color they had left Out of those my wife really liked the matte clear and violet Im thinking about pulling the trigger on 4 more pair as an investment maybe selling them 3 or 5 years down...