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    Trading (4) Backpacks & (6) Shoes [incl. Red & Leather/Chrome Kitchen Sinks, Flesh, Chopsaw]

    Hey y’all, it’s time for some spring cleaning! Help me clear out some space in my apartment and replace em with something a bit smaller 😅 Interested in trading for X-Metals (excluding Juliets) or watches (+ cash depending on the item). Bulk trades encouraged! Shipping only within CONUS. Pictures...
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    Sold Oakley Juliet 2nd Gen Plasma Fire

    For sale is my 2nd gen Oakley Juliets. Originally fire lenses however they were scratched when I acquired these shades so I decided to replace the rubbers with an aftermarket kit & the lenses with red ones. The serial number on the temple is P085928A. I will include an Oakley microfibre bag...
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    For Sale Minute Machine Red Dial 2 gen

    minute machine watch with box minimal usage details nothing serious perfect functioning $ 1100 shipping worldwide
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    Sold Quarter Jacket Polished White / Fire Iridium

    For your purchase consideration is a pair of lightly used Quarter Jacket with Polished White frames and Fire Iridium lenses, red icon and rubbers on ear stems. Frame appears to be a 9/10, while the lenses 8/10. While I couldn't find anything wrong, they are used, so there may be something I...
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    Sold 3 Red Microfiber Bags

    Microfiber Bag 3 Brand new red microfiber bags. If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will reply to you as soon as possible Price $50 lot Free shipping to USA Pay by Paypal
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    Found Red Rubbers for the Tincan OO4082-09 Ferrari Edition

    I'm looking for the red rubbers for the Ferrari Tincan OO4082-09. I need a new set. If you have some replacement rubbers, please let me know.
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    Trading /Selling ~ Red Stretch Line MF Bags

    I've got these bags. They're pretty cool. They're very red! They are Extra LARGE! An I've got too many of them... So I'm willing to trade more than 1... 2, buckle my shoe, 3, 4, shut the door, 5 6... okay you get it I have a lot. I have a few with minor flaws which could be used as donors for...
  8. MJLSr

    Everything Changes Greetings Jim, If you happen to see this here on OF... Glad to hear this in a way - it must have been such a long ride. I cannot imagine... Thank you for your time and efforts over the years! Good Luck and Take Care!
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    For Sale Valve (new) Polished Black w/ Polarized Black Iridium lens

    OO9236-02 Excellent shape worn once. Too big for me. Originally had +Red lenses but I kept those to cut for X Squareds. Oakley Polarized Black Iridium lenses are pristine and are Oakley OEM lenses. No box. Comes with micro fiber bag. $SOLD + shipping. PM if interested.
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    Sold Ducati earsocks and Tshox

    Hello OF Selling extra sets of Ducati kits 2 Ducati earsocks 2 Ducati Tshox (25) 2 Black Nosebombs (L) Earsocks and Tshox will fit XX, Romeo, Juliet Nosebombs / Juliet only Left earsock is etched (Made and USA) and the right side has no etching All sets are brand new / never worn $OLD per...
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    Sold BNOB Racing Jacket Gen2 Red w/ black iridium lenses

    Hello OF here a BNOB “ brad New out box “ racing jacket Gen 2 red frame with black Iridium lenses. Is New with out defect and all is original, came with the oem bag, don’t have the box. SKU: 04-613 Frame 10/10 Lense 10/10 Rubbers 10/10 Price: $200 #SOLD allin, shipping with...
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    Buying Ducati Juliet Earsocks

    Ducati Juliet Earsocks If anyone can sell me a pair I’d appreciate it. Please PM me
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    Sold Various Gearbox Watch Sale

    I'm putting multiple Gearbox's in this same thread so I can't post more than 15 pictures but if you want more please PM me. There are 4 Gearbox's listed so you will have to scroll :) Brushed case with Black and Tan Face, new never worn just display, with white sleeve, black box, and ballistic...
  14. Lars


    Got these in the mail today. I already have the blue one.
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    Sold Red Minute Machine Face $330

    SOLD TO BUYER IN THE THREAD Red Minute Machine Face -no band no bracelet no links Excellent, works perfect, looks great in person. The crystal has a few very faint scratches which are difficult to see in person please see pictures for details. $330 plus shipping...I will ship internationally...
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    Traded R1 Jordan Red Earsocks Kit

    1 Pair of R1 Jordan Red Earsocks with Black #25 Tshocks and nose bombs Everything is brand new, oem, and never installed Earsocks don't have the CE and Made in USA print. Partial Trade against a Large X-Metal Vault with "X" in mint condition + Cash from my side Show me what you have!
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    Sold Heritage Collection - Heritage Red / Fire Iridium - BNIB $49

    009013 - 34 Heritage Collection with Heritage Red Frame (stems are black with red OAKLEY) and Fire Iridium lens, BNIB. Complete package with box, Heritage MF Bag, Heritage Pin, Decal and those other papers. Left corner bottom left lens has 30 yr etching. For US, SOULed and outside US a bit...
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    Sold BNIB Bottle Cap Red Watch

    Here we have a BNIB Bottle Cap Red 26-316 This watch like most of my Oakley product, has only been displayed. Battery is fresh and crown is pulled out to prevent ticking. Asking $sold Shipped anywhere. Thank you for looking!
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    Sold Custom Cut Juliet Lenses.

    Hey OF members! I'm price dropping the last two Oakley Juliet lenses I have in stock ready to ship: 24k Iridium $95 I just finished edging some new Oakley Juliet custom cut, authentic lenses. These are all 8.75 OEM base curve. Original packaging is included with each color. PRIZM Road kit...
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    For Sale Bottle Cap Watch Red

    BNIB unworn, $230 shipped paypal gifted or add the 4% for fees. No trades.