1. F

    Oakley repairs

    Morning all, newbie here with too many sunnies to list, starting from the 80s with my original Frogskins to my last purchase which were Holbrook metal. Question I have is how do I get a new arm for those original Frogskins, and where can I get my juliets refurbished as the rubbers have gone all...
  2. L

    Broken Razorblade arms repair

    So I’ve posted before about my Razorblades’ arms and their loose hinges, but now I’ve gone and broke them. I dropped them and they just broke right on the hinge. What I wanted to find out is if this is a fixable problem? I have all the pieces that broke, would it be possible to repair them? I...
  3. gulfstream

    Odd Jobs day, and a New Addition

    Soooooo, as I'm working nights at present, I spent a little time today before work just cleaning odd pairs, ones in the car, rucksack pair etc. Didn't take too long so I sorted out the 2 drawers I keep most of my Oakleys in, general tidy up and sort out a few new lenses I've got over the past...