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  1. U

    Sold  OEM Antix Tungsten Iridium Replacement Lens

    Never installed, no de-lam Tungsten Iridium lens for Antix. The packaging is the way I received them from Oakley six years ago (invoice included to prove authenticity), presumably from their warranty department. It shows I purchased two, but the other is already spoken for, unless that deal...
  2. karimo

    What Model Oakley Backpack/Luggage/Shoes/Other Are These/Help Identifying? [Consolidated Thread]

    Hi O bros. Can anyone please tell me something about this patches? Did they come in a pack? Are they part of something? Are they hard to find?
  3. U

    Sold  Split Jacket Fire Ird Lens

    Split Jacket Fire Iridium Lens $55 Shipped in CONUS $70 Shipped in CONUS $65 obo Shipped in CONUS Trade interest for Jawbone replacements lens would take donors for JB or CC Toric set would work as well used is fine, so long there's not a whole lotta scratchers VR28 BIP | OO BIP | OO RIP |...
  4. N


    I am inquiring as to model / make for replacement lens purposes. Thanks! ️ (New to navigating this site)
  5. U

    Buying  Batwolf lenses

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an authentic oakley new or like new batwolf replacement lens. Ruby, fire, ice or black.
  6. shatteredimagez

    Oakley Monster Dog - Where to find lenses?

    How hard is it to find monster dogs lenses?
  7. U

    For Sale  Bnib Juliet ruby lens

    Brand new ruby lenses for Juliet. Complete box, foam, lenses and papers. $90 shipped obo pp F&F. ConUS.
  8. Harold of the rocks

    Oakley Moon - replacement parts and options

    Hi all, I'm searching for an option to pimp my Moon. It needs new ear socks and in best case a pair of new lenses. Also, to have an additional pair of nose pads won't be wrong. I searched the web (walleva, revant, ...) for replacement solutions, but w/o any success. Could anyone help? Thx.
  9. M

    Five Squared replacement lenses - Asian fit vs Regular lenses?

    I have the Fives Squared and want to get some extra lenses for other activities (fishing, shooting, etc). I was looking on both the Oakley site and Oakley Vault site and the descriptions for both the Fives Squared and Fives Squared (Asian fit) replacement lenses says "Lenses fit Fives Squared...
  10. M

    Radarlock lens harder to switch?

    Is it just me or have the radarlock lenses become harder to switch? I have a pair of radarlocks from 2012 and, both then and now, the lenses are super easy to swap out, it takes almost no force at all. However I recently purchased some prizm road and trail lenses and it is virtually impossible...
  11. N

    Replacement Lens Help! Infinite Hero Radar

    So my infinite hero radars slipped off of my shirt and smacked my garage floor, leaving a pretty decent scratch that affects vision. How can I go about replacing the lens? They don't sell them at the store, will warranty be able to help me? Also, I've seen someone on here who was able to...