replacement lenses

  1. Altitudejk

    Dart replacement lenses?

    Looking to replace the lenses on my Dart's, but trying to see which ones actually fit. I just got some lenses from Amazon, but I can't get them to stay in. They were the ToughAsNails polaraized replacement lenses. I saw another one from Galvanic that looks like from the reviews that they fit...
  2. U

    Sold  BNIB Half X Tungsten Iridium Lenses $70

    Half X Tungsten iridium lenses SKU 16-888 SOLD
  3. U

    Sold  HJ 2.0 XL - VR28 Blk Ird & G30 Ird

    Inteneded on hand cutting these for XM XX, but changed my plans an am no longer in need of these these lenses. Despite never being worn, they had been handled a bit when sizing them as donors - they could work for an XX donor but would require hand cutting w/ nearly no margin for error. They...
  4. U

    For Sale  Minute 2.0 OEM Replacement Lens Kit Fire Iridium (in box)

    Like new Minute 2.0 OEM Replacement Lens Kit Fire Iridium Comes with original box and pouch These are in like new condition. The only blemish I can see on the lenses is a micro scratch that is imperceptable on one lens but you'll have to seek it out to see it. Price: £80 / $100 including free...
  5. U

    Sold  Mag M-Frame lenses ** new old stock

    Hello OF! I have several new, unused and boxed Mag M-Frame lenses for sale. Please check the pictures for reference and lensshape (hybrid, hybrid s, strike, heater) Shipping is SOLD $ worldwide flatrate and comes on top of each order. I ship from central Europe. Delivery can take up to 3 weeks...
  6. U

    Buying  RJ/Jawbone Lenses; +Red, 00 RIP, vr28

    In search of Jawbone + Split/Racing Jacket lenses, new or used, just not beat. Would also consider comparable tints from Linegear or Custom Cut Toric Examples. Up to trade or outright purchase, just let me know what you got. Thanks!
  7. P

    Flak Draft Asia Fit additional lenses

    Apart from the Oakley site, are the Asia fit lenses for the Flak Draft available for sale anywhere else? I'm have the Prizm everyday polarized and am interested in the Prizm shallow water (fly fishing), Prizm trail (trail running and mountain biking) and possibly the Prizm road (road biking but...
  8. D

    Anybody have lenses for Scar Butterscotch/24K Gold Iridiums?

    Looking to replace the lenses in my butterscotch scars. Can anybody help?
  9. U

    Buying  Oakley BIG TACO/SPLIT JACKET Ice Iridium/Ice Iridium Polarized (10/10 condition)

    Just as the title describes I'm looking for Big Taco NIB Ice Iridium or Ice Iridium Polarized Split Jacket Ice Iridium/Ice Iridium Polarized Has to be unused/condition 10/10 Hit me up if you got it. Thanks
  10. MerrimanLyon

    Prescription Lenses - OO

    Way back in 2000 I bought a pair of OO wire's with Blue Iridium standard lenses. I had Oakley Rx lenses put in them, and every time my prescription changed I got new Oakley Rx lenses put in them. The last time I went to do the same, I discovered to my horror that I couldn't get OEM lenses...
  11. Nosferatu Zodd

    Details on Crosshair replacement lenses

    Hello, New so forgive me if I don't do something correct... I have a few pairs of Oakley Crosshairs. Some are 1.0, one is the 2012, and one is a 2.0. At least I assume they are 1.0, sure seem to be. I got in a lot a "Crosshair Repl Lens Kit Ruby" which has the number of 13.-975. These...
  12. W

    Review: Walleva ISARC Replacement Lenses

    Hi Guys, just wanna share a review with you all. :popcorn::popcorn: It's been great seeing how far replacement lenses have come in the last few years. They've gone from cheap crap to being better than the manufacturer's lenses in most cases. I used to retire my shades and get a new pair once...
  13. R

    8 Base vs 8.75 Base Lenses - Flak 2.0

    Hi all, I've recently made an order for some aftermarket 8 base lenses from Fuse for my Flak 2.0 frames. I've read that the OEM lenses for the Flak 2.0 are actually 8.75 base, and not 8 base. Will there be a notable difference in the Fuse lenses that I've ordered in comparison to the OEM ones...
  14. Shade Station

    Manchester Spin Bike Show: Oakley Sunglasses

    Hi all, Hope everyone's been enjoying the sun in the UK and wherever you are in the world! This weekend we showcased our Oakley sunglasses stand at Spin Manchester Bike Show, EVZero was very popular! Here's how we got on...
  15. W

    More info about the Walleva Mr. Shield Lenses

    Just want to share with you more info about the Mr. Shield Lenses::) Thanks! :lolsign:
  16. Sunglasses Restorer US

    Oakley Vented Lenses

    Hello We have created a new post in our blog. We talk about Oakley Vented Lenses We hope you like it Thanks
  17. Sunglasses Restorer US

    Sunglasses Parts

    Hello, everyone. I think the DIY subforum is the best place to talk about our last article. All about glasses: eyeglasses and sunglasses parts. If you want to know more about every single part of your sunglasses or eyeglasses, you have to check it. We talk about lenses, frames, temples, etc...
  18. B

    Whisker 12-724 Lens Replacement

    Hi all I have found this forum after trawling the internet looking for parts and lens for my Oakleys. Glad I found you all. I have several pairs of Whisker 12-724 which I have been swopping parts and lens around over the years. I have now come the point where I have no more interchangle parts...
  19. W

    Introducing Walleva Mr Shield Lenses

    We proudly introduce our highest quality sunglasses lenses – the Mr. Shield lenses. All Mr. Shield lenses are made of polycarbonate and are polarized, which can provide the best optical characteristics: high clarity, high contrast and high comfort. Mr. Shield stands for Multi-Resistant...
  20. schnitzeraffe

    M2 Lens Modified to Fit the M Frame

    So now that the Oakley M2 is out, the original M Frame is being put out to pasture. :( M Frame lenses direct from Oakley are now extremely limited. Your options are clear and gray... and you better be a fan of the Strike style lens (which I am not). Oh how I long for access to replacement...
  21. C

    Original Half Jacket Lenses

    I have a pair of the original half jackets, are there any lenses that will fit them? I heard that the quarter jacket will fit, but I haven't tried them.
  22. Oak Heel

    Flak Jacket Prizm Deep Water Lenses?

    Just purchased Deep Water Prizm Lenses for my Flak Jacket by phone, but realized afterwards in the details it says lens color is deep blue iridium polarized. The product description and heading implies you are getting the Prizm deep water polarized lenses. Confused about which lens you get the...
  23. J

    M Frame replacement lenses in M2 Frame

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and was hoping someone could answer a question for me. I have a pair of M2s and was wondering M frame replacement lenses will fit? Thank you!
  24. W

    Walleva lenses for Oakley Fives Squared, M Frame Strike, M Frame Heater and M Frame Hybrid

    Hi guys, just wanna share with you a video of our lenses for the Oakley Fives Squared, M Frame Strike, M Frame Heater and M Frame Hybrid. :cool-33: And below are some pics of the lenses for the Five Squared and the M Frame WL005-BR for Oakley Fives Squared Sunglasses (Walleva Polarized Brown...
  25. ochuni

    Replace Lenses on Badman? / Hinge Tightness Question?

    Hi everyone, I have two Badman questions that i can't seem to find a clear cut question on the site: how hard is to replace the lenses on the badman? I've seen some people post that they either scratch the frame or broke the orbitals. Have you guys noticed any difference with the hinge...
  26. acerbis

    Oakley Gascan Lenses

    Had my gascans for about a year now. I havnt had anything unusual like this until recently while whiping them down. On the inside of the lense, I noticed this while whiping them. What is this? It's a distinct square every time I give hot air to the lenses to whipe it down. whiping it does nothing???
  27. U

    Sold  XX Custom Cut Fire Iridium (price drop)

    First $70 USA takes them. Custom cut. Brand new, only mounted to size. Set of Fire Iridium XX lenses. New with box. Does come in original packaging from Oakley. These are a perfect 10/10 in every way! Lenses were cut from Pit Bull lenses 8.75 base curve, proper fit. Free USA shipping, cost to...
  28. H

    Badman lenses

    I bought a bunch of fuse replacement lenses for my badman, does anyone know of other companies that make lenses for them yet?
  29. tony Friedrich

    Aftermarket Oakley Splice Lenses?

    So I need to find lenses for my splices and was wondering if anyone has an aftermarket company they could recommend? Thank you
  30. U

    Sold  Custom Cut Juliet P42 Iridium Lenses $70

    If anyone is interested let me know. I just put an auction up on eBay for a brand new set of custom cut P42 iridium lenses for xmetal Juliet. Custom cut, by machine, from a Racing Jacket V.