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  1. B

    Broken Oakley Wiretap bow.

    Greetings everyone. I have a pair of Oakley Wiretap sunglasses. I really liked these sunglasses, and they were my second pair of metal framed sunglasses. Both parties broke in the same place. The first pair I bought on Ebay, and they were used. So, I didn't really get that upset when they broke...
  2. Sunglasses Restorer US

    Sunglasses Parts

    Hello, everyone. I think the DIY subforum is the best place to talk about our last article. All about glasses: eyeglasses and sunglasses parts. If you want to know more about every single part of your sunglasses or eyeglasses, you have to check it. We talk about lenses, frames, temples, etc...
  3. pupusasrock

    R2 Part

    I just purchased my first 2 pairs of R2's and I was about to take the lenses out. I remember reading that there is a small part that can come out and easily get lost when removing the lenses. Can someone give me more info? I don't want to lose anything when I take them apart and I also don't...
  4. Linegear Japan

    Linegear official reseller in the Middle East: Qatar, UAE

    Dear all, Thank you for your support of Linegear products. Due to the difficulties we have experience with shipping to a few countries in the middle east, and to save time and shipping fee for our customer, we have made OakleyOnTheSpot our official resellers. See this website: Linegear -...