1. OilRig_1st_Gen

    Greetings, from the Southern Oregon Coast. I'm Chad and have been peeping thru Plutonite since 1989. Research of microfiber bag rarity.

    When is the last time you COULDN'T find a single image of a bag anywhere in the real, or online world? Does anyone know how to obtain information on the actual production run numbers of bag styles. Limited editions, super-rare or just plain Unobtanium run numbers? What is considered to be the...
  2. N

    Manufacturing costs of sunglasses

    Hi all, I am a new member here and while I cannot say I am an Oakley fanatic, the community and cooperation in this forum is really cool. I am senior at the University of Michigan conducting research for a client that I work with as part of a consulting club on campus. This client is looking...