retina burn

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    Sold Lot Jawbone Team Blue, Alinghi, Retina Burn, Racing

    Lot Jawbone Team Blue, Alinghi, Retina Burn, Racing. Jawbone Frame Team blue Frame in perfect condition, good condition tires, lenses with a few slight scratches. No marks or stains on the frame, the screws are intact. (Includes case, bag and Custom micro fiber box) Jawbone Frame alinghi...
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    Sold Jawbone Retina Burn

    Jawbone Retina Burn Frame in good condition, scratched lenses. Price $ 75 Free shipping to the USA pay by Paypal.
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    Sold Jawbone (Beater)

    Jawbone Price $ 42 free shipping to usa Pay by Paypal
  4. OakleyBoss

    Rita Ora Oakley Neon Sunglasses

    Had this sent in by someone on Instagram - Rita Ora, British Singer and Actress, posted the following Snapchat and Instagram rocking some Retina Burn Oakley’s - appears to be jawbreakers, link and pic below: Oakley Jawbreaker® Retina Burn Collection - RETINA BURN - PRIZM ROAD -...
  5. S

    Radar EV Pitch Retina Burn Violet Iridium

    Just got this in the mail today. Violet iridium in the pitch lens shape is looking awesome.
  6. U

    Sold Chainlink Retina Burn Sock Kit

    Selling two NIB sets of Chainlink retina burn replacement ear socks. Selling both sets as a bundle. Asking $25 for the bundle. Includes PayPal G&S and CONUS shipping.
  7. S


    Which jawbreaker colorway is the most striking one between these three?
  8. S

    TDF edition or Retina Burn

    I want to buy a new pair radar ev path with prizm road lens, but cannot decide which pair to get..can you guys help me out which frame color looks cool with the prizm road lens.. Retina burn or TDF matte white..
  9. S

    Retina Burn or Uranium

    I am in a confusion now over which pair to get Retina burn radar ev or uranium radar ev.. Both have prizm road lenses.according to you guys which looks better with the prizm road (or positive red) lens? If you had to pick one, which one that would be?
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    For Sale Jawbone Retina Burn: LNIB

    CONUS shipping please. It's as good as it looks. If you need questions answered PM me. $170
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    Sold **** Price Drop****LNIB Radarlock Fingerprint Collection

    Selling 2 of the Fingerprint Collection Radarlocks. Both are LNIB in the box. Actually they have never been out of the box but to take these pictures. Both come complete with paperwork, extra nose bomb, box, case, the main lense in the frame and the spare Black Iridium lense as pictured in the...