1. Skull McBone

    This is why you should not use Revant replacement lenses for your Juliets

    Well, if you are looking to replace your Juliet's lenses, Revant is not a good option, I can't talk too much about the quality but they don't fit properly on any of my Juliets, not good at all, take a look to the video, go with OEM custom cut instead, I wanted to give it a try to Revant lenses...
  2. M Frame Boss

    Revant Elite for M Frame review. (Mframeboss)

    Since I have been a active member of the best forum I thought I could do a killer review on the Revant Elite lens for the M Frame. So here goes hopefully you'll enjoy! So I contacted Revant Optics about sending me another lens to go along with my Ice Heater Elite that I have already purchased...
  3. XMetalAddict

    Aftermarket Lenses - Revant/Walleva/Fuse/Ikon/Linegear...etc

    The purpose of this thread is to generate a consolidated thread that compiles people's experience of all types of aftermarket makes/tints. With that in mind, here is a quick review of the lense that I recently acquired. Sunglasses: Juliet Manufacturer: Ikon Lense Colour: Rose Gold Base tint...
  4. SpliceD

    Revant Maxgrip Rubber Kits

    Anyone see Revant's foray into rubber kits? I did a search to see if this was already brought up, but didn't find anything. MaxGrip Rubber Kits for Oakley Rubber Kits | Revant Optics The glow in the dark parts are interesting :) Wonder if they're anything like Unobtanium?