1. Skull McBone

    This is why you should not use Revant replacement lenses for your Juliets

    Well, if you are looking to replace your Juliet's lenses, Revant is not a good option, I can't talk too much about the quality but they don't fit properly on any of my Juliets, not good at all, take a look to the video, go with OEM custom cut instead, I wanted to give it a try to Revant lenses...
  2. C

    Lenses for Ti Square Wire (2006)

    read almost entire 40 page thread on aftermarket lenses & have questions for ti square wire from 2009-10 tried the Revant basic grey green cause I like a nonpolarized G15 for everyday wear. It's a no-go, going back to Revant,, so asking the experts to rank options: Revant Elite--would be...
  3. U

    Sold Scalpel lenses

    Up for grabs are the following Scalpel lenses: OEM Oakley Ice Iridium Polarized: - grey bade, 9% VLT, beautiful blue iridium with some hints of deep blue-purple on edges at certain angles (you know the deal) - 1st, 2nd, 4th photos - 9.5/10 brand new condition, but mounted and worn 2 or 3 times...
  4. stevelvv

    Juliets rehab

    Have had these for 12 yrs. Badly needed an overhaul... sent to Luxottica for tuneup... 64.99 fee... was told 3 weeks... then get notice "we can't get the parts from Oakley and don't know when we will get them". Waited 3 MONTHS.... I canceled with PayPal and sent back unrepaired. In 2 DAYS I...
  5. G

    New To The Forum and Looking For Opinions/Advice

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but I've owned Oakley's pretty much exclusively ever since I had enough money to buy them. I'm looking for polarized replacement lenses for my Flak Jacket XLJ's and Crosshair S and I don't really want to spend ~$90 each. The Crosshairs have spent too much time on...
  6. Sean72791

    Revant lens

    I purchased some ice blue polarized revant lens and they arrived today. The fit is great, and they came with stickers and a microfiber bag! I wish oakley made these cause Id rather put oakley lens in oakey frames (duh right!) but I'm happy with them, and I wanted to share my 2 cents
  7. OakleyBoss

    Revant Optics HC3 Elite Fuel Cell Lens Review

    This review is for the Revant Optics HC3 Elite Fuel Cell Replacement Lenses. This is my third review of Revant Optics lenses and my second the HC3 Elite lenses. I took some time between my first Holbrook HC3 Elite Lens Review and this one in order to really test out the sense. Full Disclosure...