1. joscejrod

    Oakley Badman Reviews

    Hello, maybe i buy a pair of badman and i'd like knowing your opinions (i have read that fit is not too much good). I like dark carbon frame, with prizm or BIP (something subdued). Thanks!
  2. ajirbl

    Fuse Lenses Review | Oakley Replacement Lenses

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  3. qtrain23

    Custom Lens Review Thread

    If you get lenses from my custom lens thread, please review or comment here rather than the sale thread so I can keep things straight and keep the clutter down. Thanks Gents!
  4. Tunnie

    Customs-X Review

    I recently traded some of my display items for 4 sets of Customs-X rubber and realized I have no knowledge of them at all, though I've heard of it for a long time. I've just been googling and a thread here found that it originated in Samutprakan, Thailand. No website or any other info found. One...
  5. qtrain23

    VL Lens Review

    I keep meaning to do this but have just been busy Lens First lens I'm reviewing is the VL equivalent to fire - Fire Red. This is a great looking lens but personally I think it should be a ruby equivalent. That being said, it still looks very nice. They are however much darker than either...
  6. Batwolf

    The Lens Review Thread

    I have not seen this on here yet and I think it'd be good to have one so people can see members opinions on lenses. Here is the format for a lens review: Lens: Frame (optional): Lighting environment worn: Rating (1-5): Brief summary of opinion: