1. Jerome

    Prizm Road Jade

    Just found this new Prizm Road Jade lens, when it's about to be released is unknown to me, but it's coming for multiple frames. Update Full Review: Flak 2.0 XL Radar EV Path Sutro Jawbreaker Flight Jacket From the...
  2. Fremmy

    Prizm Road vs Prizm Sapphire Help

    Hi guys, I'm a cyclist who is really torn between the new flight jackets Prizm road and Prizm Sapphire lens. Has anyone owned both? Thoughts? Is the Prizm Sapphire the same lens and filtering for the snowboarding goggles? Do the sapphires work for road cycling? Or is the light filtering more...
  3. U

    Sold Juliet PRIZM Road Lenses

    Up for sale is a beautiful set of custom cut Juliet PRIZM Road lenses. Awesome condition! Some very superficial cleaning marks that in no way affect vision (only visible under harsh lighting). Cut/fit is perfect, 8.75 base curve. I'm looking for $OLD all-in.