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    Sold Oakley Store Robot

    425.00 shipped Or trade for a penny in wearable good condition with lenses and tight nose bridge Store #1 would be the Irvine CA store
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    For Sale O-stuff

    1. Store front (Robot #306) $240 SOLD! 2. MF bag bundle (4) $40 SOLD! 3. Sapphire FJ2.0 lenses $50 4. Elite vault $35 SOLD! All prices are G&S and including shipping with in the US.
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    Sold Various X-Metals (R1, XX XM, XS OO BIP, Juliet Black Tie) & more

    I have put together a consolidated thread of almost everything that I am selling. I am travelling right now, so I will add all pictures on Monday when I get back home. Some I have on my phone so I'm adding right now Prices include Shipping ConUS, G&S (for seller protection I can only ship to...
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    For Sale Oakley Robot Storefront - 260.00 Shipped -CONUS

    Needed to make a little room.on shelf. Conus only. Number 212. Thanks
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    Sold Robotic Store Front #199 * $225

    BNIB / Never displayed Robotic Store Front #199 $225 including USPS Priority shipping for US only. Or plus actual shipping to outside US.
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    Sold Store Front Robot #77 - GONE

    BNIB #77 up for sale. $SOLD shipped ConUS, PP G&S Items that I would trade for (with cash added on either side depending on value of item): X-metals (R1, XX, XS, Juliet) Medusa PB1 X-metal beret
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    My Serialized....

    here are my serialized accessories.
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    For Sale Holiday Robot #48 /Trade

    I am looking to sell my number 48 holiday robot. Looking for $300 GS all inclusive. OR I am willing to partial trade for a Jupiter Factory Lite in either red or black with at least $210. Glasses should be mint. Not really interested for the bare Aluminum version.
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    Sold $260 Robotic Store Front Display and 2015 Bottle Opener

    #385, new and complete. Will throw in a 2015 bottle opener. $260 shipped to CONUS. International shipping will be extra. Paypal fees included in price. No trades.