robotic store front

  1. U

    For Sale Oakley Robot Storefront - 260.00 Shipped -CONUS

    Needed to make a little room.on shelf. Conus only. Number 212. Thanks
  2. U

    Sold Store Front Robot #77 - GONE

    BNIB #77 up for sale. $SOLD shipped ConUS, PP G&S Items that I would trade for (with cash added on either side depending on value of item): X-metals (R1, XX, XS, Juliet) Medusa PB1 X-metal beret
  3. U

    Sold BNIB Oakley Robotic Store Fronts

    I am selling the Robotic Store Fronts (110 is SOLD), (120 SOLD), and (226 SOLD). The price is $250 each which includes the tax, PayPal G&S Fees per forum rules, and shipping costs CONUS. Do not ask to buy more than one. I will only sell one per forum member. Also if your name is listed on the...
  4. nryc

    From Canada, to France. With love !

    These bad boys are for our fellows collectors from :) . A bit disappointed to have not taken one for myself :p .
  5. Jeff Roy

    Oakley robotic store front display

    Are the Oakley Robotic store front display pieces out yet? Anyone have any pics? Looking to get a first look!