romeo 1 for sale

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    For Sale  Romeo boxed matching serial

    Selling this amazing Romeo xmetal, almost new, no defects, just those tiny spider cracks. $1100 shipped.
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    Sold  Original Owner Romeo 1 with Box and Original Receipt and More

    SOLD Lowered the price because I just want to sell these. If you want to buy them let me know and we can discuss a fair price. Hello All: I'm selling my pair of Romeo 1's purchased in December of 2000. I have the original box, receipt, coin, bag, and extra rubber parts. The lenses are...
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    Sold  LNIB ROMEO 1 Complete- 775.00/OBO - Conus only. PP No trades

    Up to move out of collection. One unused r1. LATE EDIT SORRY NO TRADES - Couple of Fast PM's came in with offers. thanks cash only. I picked this up as unused and nothing on it reflects it being used. There are very minute spider cracks but do not know if that can occur when not worn. Was...
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    Traded  Romeo 1 X-Metal non Hammerstems

    Selling this Serialized pair of X metal.The Romeo 1 Have 3 in x metal finish so Selling one to purchase a different finish Frame is in great condition But earstems are non Hammerstems, Rubbers tight and are OEM for nose bridge, earstems,t-shocks (number 15)and upper gaskets. Lenses: Custom cut...
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    For Sale  ROMEO

    Romeo Romeo where for art thou Romeo? Well here if you want. Its been awhile for me on this site as you can tell but I'm glad to be back. What we have here folks is a Dad trying to get his daughter some awesome gifts for X mas. I am asking SOLD I had the metal all re done by X-Man. I know the...