romeo 1 polished

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    Sold  550$ - Romeo 1 (custom) Polished with 2 pairs of lenses

    Hi, Romeo 1 custom Polished from X-Metal for sale. You can see the internal bridge which retain the Xmetal & a clear serial number. Frame: a nice custom job. some very minor scratch on upper right orbital, 9/10 Lenses (2 pairs): New LINEGEAR Turquoise Blue polarized (B grade, due to one...
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    Sold  Romeo 1 Polished w/ Linegear Turquoise Blue Polarized

    Juliet has a polished frame finish and so Romeo must catch up with her :D Here an R1 Polished frame custom from plasma (serial number preserve) with Linegear Turquoise Blue Polarized in a like new condition for sale. Frame & mf bag. Frame: 10/10 beautiful. Only display after polished. Lenses...