romeo 1 xmetal

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    Sold  Romeo 1 mint with extra

    Romeo 1 X-Metal for sale. - Frame: is beautiful without scratch 9.5/10 - Lenses: oem lenses were kept as like new, 9.5/10 because aftermarket lenses were mounted previously. Both pairs are incl. - Rubber: oem, feeling of used, but still good. Extra: new pair of LINEGEAR's earsock. It come...
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    Sold  R1 MJ, frame & mf, extra R1 Ti Box set

    Hi all, Good stuff for sale: Romeo 1 MJ - Frame: has no scratch, internal discolor a little bit, 9/10 - Lenses: 5/10 - Rubber: oem all around, very good, not sticky. LINEGEAR one lower gasket & one upper gasket, and ts. Extra: oem NP 50. It comes with an mf bag. Extra: a mint Romeo 1 box set...
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    Sold  Romeo 1 X-Metal - mint condition

    Hi, This Romeo 1 has a great frame finish ever seen, look like a low usage. 9.5/10 Lenses: apparent spider crack starts, but not affecting vision. Surface are beautiful. 9/10 Rubber: oem very good condition, one upper gasket & np are new LINEGEAR. 9/10 It come with a new mf bag. 650$ price...
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    Sold  Romeo 1 X-Metal - mint condition

    Hi all, This is to help a friend sell his mint R1, and CONUS only. Frame: 9.5/10 beautiful. A tiny scratch on orbital internal side. Almost unnoticed. Lenses: 9.8/10 like new. Rubber: oem like new Frame and mf bag (plus a non-matching box). 650$ OBO. PayPal G&S