romeo 2 rubber

  1. U

    Sold  Original Owner Romeo 2 with Box, Bag, Receipt, Coin

    Hello All: I lowered the price. I am selling my single owner Romeo 2s with the original box, bag, coin, rubbers, warranty card and receipt. Located in Orange County, CA I'm asking $275 (negotiable) ConUS please. Plus Shipping.
  2. U

    Sold  Romeo 2 rubber bundle

    OEM Rootbeer set includes the following: 3 sets of ear socks 3 sets of nose pieces 1 set of size 15 Shox $100
  3. Linegear Japan

    START SELLING - R2 replacement rubber by LINEGEAR

    I hope this is a good news to X-Metal fans, especially R2 enthusiasts. Romeo 2 replacement rubber will be ready to sell Nov - Dec. The quality is great. It is tight fit. Component are: earsocks, temple shock (small size only, = oem 15), nosepad in small (15) and large (25). It will be...
  4. U

    Sold  R2 rubber, oem, new

    One pair of Temple Shock (Small) for 20$. 15$. ES - 30$ SOLD NP-Small - 20$ SOLD NP-Large - 20$ SOLD TS-Large - 20$ SOLD Take a few and shipping is combined thus refund partial amount. Price included shipping. Let me know if you need EMS, arrange at your expense.
  5. Jordan

    Does Linegear Romeo 1 rubber kit also fit Romeo 2?

    I am unable to locate a rubber replacement kit for Romeo 2's specifically, but I'm wondering if the Romeo 1 kit is compatible? Complete rubber set for Romeo1 Black - LINEGEAR I primarily need the earstem rubbers replaced.
  6. JPL

    R2 Custom Cut lenses & unobtainium rubber sets

    Hello All - I'm currently looking for a custom lens (Fire or Ice) for my R2, If you have anything on hand please PM me or if anyone can suggest the best person to contact for this type of work. Any input will be appreciated.:) I know its a long shot but I'm also looking for authentic rubber...