romeo lenses

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    For Sale Polarized crosshair lenses. 8.75 base curve for x-metals.

    New Crosshair lenses that can be cut for most X-metals fit: XX, Romeo, Juliet, Penny, X-squared, Mars. Asking 80$ each set plus shipping 20$. Will include an oem lense pouch with two pockets for extra 5$ each. 2 emerald iridium polarized ( Sold out ) 2 ice iridium polarized ( both sold! ) 3...
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    For Sale Romeo 1 IH style Purple Lens/Rubbers 135.00 - Conus - obo considered

    thanks for looking. Moving out this complete set. I assume they are lg frames and rubbers and am checking with the person that i got them from. I would put the lens at 9.8/10 and rubbers the same. I am pretty confident that the lenses are in very good shape and were mounted. Not looking...