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    Sold R2 Polished $280 shipped

    Nice Polished R2 w/ aftermarket translucent lenses in decent shape. Nose has some minor play but does not need an immediate tune . Runners are in good shape not sticky and T15 temples installed. Bought these having never tried and pair and they just don’t fit me well. Trying to recoup...
  2. U

    Buying Anyone selling Romeo 2 Rootbeer Rubber Set Authentic?

    Hi there guys any one here selling a Romeo 2 Rootbeer Rubber Set Authentic? if so, contact me, thanks.
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    Sold X-Metal Romeo 2.0

    Trying to round up some $$$ to finish some project so my last R2 needs to go. -Overall in good condition with a few marks -Nose bridge is oem tight -Frame is straight -Rubbers are used but still in good condition, no tearing leakage -Lenses have delamination in the inside of the lens closer to...
  4. xmetal40

    Display Case Fun

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    Sold Romeo 2 (beater)

    Romeo 2 (beater) Lenses in poor condition, frame with some slight scratches, nasal bridge misadjusted. rubber in good condition. Price $ 190 pay by Paypal Free shipping to the USA
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    Sold Romeo 2 Carbon (beater)

    Romeo 2 Carbon (beater) Lenses in poor condition, frame with loss of paint, nasal bridge misadjusted. rubber in good condition. Price $ 190 pay by Paypal Free shipping to the USA
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    Sold lot beaters juliet and romeo 2

    Lot beaters juliet and romeo 2 1-Juliet plasma without serial 1- Juliet plasma serial P073540 1- Juliet titanium serial T029986 (blurred serial) 2- Romeo 2 plasma the lenses are in poor condition, jumper of the nose unfit, pins and screws in good condition, no frame is crooked or broken...
  8. U

    Sold Bonz customs R2

    Ok guys I'm going to sell this custom TIO2 type Romeo 2 !! These started out as a pair of broken down carbon Romeo 2 and I tore apart and polished the orbital!! These are a subtle and yet cool way to show you are really one of the cool kids!! The lenses are an aftermarket brand ! They are a...
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    $30.00 plus shipping You are purchasing only 1 pair of Custom nose bridge flex coupler and Nose bridge x x metal pin for JULIET, ROMEO 2 , PENNY, XX, MARS. I have many oakley x-squared and penny, and I have adapted these pieces for the x-squared , penny, romeo 2, mars, xx...
  10. JPL

    R2 Custom Cut lenses & unobtainium rubber sets

    Hello All - I'm currently looking for a custom lens (Fire or Ice) for my R2, If you have anything on hand please PM me or if anyone can suggest the best person to contact for this type of work. Any input will be appreciated.:) I know its a long shot but I'm also looking for authentic rubber...
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    For Sale Romeo 2's and Ferrari Carbon Blade

    Good Mornin my fellow x-metal Enthusiasts! I'm setting up for a new adventure and want these lovely pieces to go to someone who will appreciate them. Keep in mind these were NOT just on a shelf to display. These were worn in the event that I didn't want to where my usual Juliets. All will...