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    Sold  M Frame Array- Root Beer/Sweep/Heater

    For Sale: SKU: OO9059-01 M Frame: Frame: Root Beer Lens (2): Grey Sweep, Gold Iridium Heater, nosepiece with root beer on inside Includes: Array Vault, extra nose piece, mf bag, original box All pieces are Oakley and Brand new, except Gold Lens, which looks new, no scratches. Price is $SOLD...
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    Sold  Pit Boss II OO9137-03 Polished Root Beer/TIP- LNIB

    For Sale is a pair of Pit Boss II. From a friend, given as a gift and never worn. No flaws. sku: OO9137-03 Frame: Polished Root Beer Lens: Tungston Iridium Polarized Other: All boxes and original packaging in near mint condition Asking: $SOLD shipped US, paypal. Outside US please pm.
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    Sold  Juliet Lenses and rubbers set - - Tungsten Iridium Polarized / Root beer rubber - New

    For Sale is a set of Juliet Tungsten Iridium Polarized lenses and matching root beer / brown, ear socks and 2 sizes of nose pads. All flawless, I believe the rubber set is Oakley but I am not 100% sure. Price is SOLD hardeck, shipped to US. Out of US add shipping. Thanks for looking.
  4. The_Darkone

    Rootbeer PB vs PB II

    I must say I have heard the Rootbeer PB were so much better than the 2nd version as far as looks and quality but never believed it until now. I now own both pairs and I can say without a doubt the Rootbeer PB is number one. I almost feel like sending my Rootbeer PB II to Dr Chop and have the...