rootbeer rubbers

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    Sold  /Trade - Juliet Rootbeer Rubbers

    Previously installed Rootbeer T-15 don't have any obvious wear I can see. Both rubber sets are BNIB. Will exchange for XX rubbers, or offer it all for XX lens set XX Linegear Rubber set; White, Brown, Purple XX OEM Rubber set; T-25 preferred XX Lens oem, CC, Linegear; Good wearable condition...
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    For Sale  Green Ichiro Earsocks + Rootbeer Rubber Kit

    Good morning fellow Os. Selling a pair of green ichiro earsocks + rootbeer rubber kit (earsocks + nosebombs) Both are brand new $40 for the green ichiro earsocks $40 for rootbeer rubber kit. Or take both for $75 shipped.