1. Madfrog

    Buying Rootbeer Cyan Fade

    If anyone has one to let go that would be awesome.
  2. X-Metal Beast

    Sold BNIB Pit Boss 1 Rootbeer - SKU 03-305

    Hello O-Bros, here I have my last BNIB Pit Boss 1 Rootbeer (I have one more but it's used). Lenses 10/10, Frame 10/10. All boxes and documentation included. Outer Sleeve with storage wear, but in "ok" condition. Of course it includes Elite MF bag. Price is $550 includes shopping ConUS. PP G&S...
  3. X-Metal Beast

    Sold BNIB PIT BOSS 1 ROOTBEER - SKU 03-305

    Hello people, Here I have a BNIB Pit Boss 1 Rootbeer - SKU 03-305 for sale. The pair is Brand new and in 9.5/10 condition; reason for it not being 10/10 is because there's a micro dot on the left lens not visible when wearing, only noticeable against a light (see picture 11). It includes all 3...
  4. Fernando

    For Sale Brad new rootbeer rubbers for OO

    Hi all... For sale Brad new and orignal Oakley rubbers in rootbeer color for all OO. Condition: BN 4 sets #SOLD - 14 sets available $34 for 1 pair ( 1 left with the OO and 1 right ) $65 for 2 pair $95 for 3 pair Payment in PayPal g&s, shipping included to all with tracking number...
  5. Hellmut77

    Sold BNIB PIT BOSS 1 ROOT BEER and POLISHED BLACK - both gone !

    Both Never worn. Comes with all three boxes and the elite bag. $ 600 for the Root Beer . $550 for the polished. G/s . No International shipping. Sorry no trades at this time. Thanks for looking.
  6. X-Metal Beast

    Very Careful with the PitBoss 1 Rootbeer on eBay

    Something doesn't look right. Thx to @mjt42 for pointing it out in the fake thread. Look at the side by side pic below, the shape of the titanium plate is way off on the eBay pair. I also just got a response from the seller regarding the "A" on the stem, and here was the answer: "Hi I'm...
  7. Fernando

    Sold Splice Platinum - Rootbeer W/ Gold Iridium SKU: 03-722

    Hi all For sale Oakley Splice Platinum - Rootbeer with Gold Iridium lenses in mint condition, lenses don't Have scrachers, frame And rubbers in very good condition, came with mf-bag only, all is OEM. SKU: 03-722
 Frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Rubbers 9/10 Price $230 #SOLD Allin g&s paypal...
  8. The_Darkone

    Rootbeer PB vs PB II

    I must say I have heard the Rootbeer PB were so much better than the 2nd version as far as looks and quality but never believed it until now. I now own both pairs and I can say without a doubt the Rootbeer PB is number one. I almost feel like sending my Rootbeer PB II to Dr Chop and have the...
  9. Fernando

    For Sale Bn Five 1.0 Tortoise w/ Gold iridium & Five 2.0 rootbeer w/ Gold iridium $130 both

    Hi all, I need to make more space in the room for new purchases, so put this for sale: Up - Five 1.0 #SOLD Bn never used perfect all, only came with bag. Frame: Tortoise Lens: Gold Iridium Family: Frogskins SKU: 03-136 Date: April 1997-2001 Down - Five 2.0 - $60 Allin Bn never used, only with...
  10. X-Metal Beast

    Deal Looking for a PB1 Rootbeer

    Box and MF not necessary, but one or both are a plus. Would like fully OEM but others will be considered. Items available for trade: Store front robot BNIB serial # 280 or 285. Juliet JB polished hammerstem frame in excellent condition Other xmetals might be considered