1. Xformr

    Found XS Linegear Olive Drab kit & Juliet 25 T-shocks

    Looking to buy a complete rubber set of Linegear Olive Drab for an XS. Also, looking for just Linegear XS earsocks in black. Finally, need a set of black oem 25 Juliet temple shocks. Or black Linegear small, which for some reason, have fit similar to me in the past. Almost a sweet spot...
  2. Amanoramonkey

    Sold XS rubber oem, and linegear navy lenses

    As the title says I have spare parts for X squared rubber is oem and like new. Lenses are linegear navy and in excellent condition. Asking $old for the rubber and £20 for the lenses shipped. Pics to follow later once I'm home. Cheers:drinks:
  3. cacatman

    For Sale Snow/Motocross Goggle OEM New Oakley Replacement Straps $12 CONUSA

    New Oakley Replacement elastic straps for snow goggles/motocross goggles for sale Each $10 -> $7 + $5 shipping CONUSA/$15 International shipping HOW TO ORDER Please COPY/PASTE the following in a PM me. ____________________________________________________ Name - Postal Address - Country -...
  4. joecool862

    Valve Gen 1 Replacement Nose Pads?

    So I looked around and saw the question asked but never answered. Is there any rubber that will work as a replacement for the 1st gen valve nose piece? I have several and would love to be able to get some new rubber on them.
  5. cacatman

    🦘Compatible Rubbers, Lenses & Icons Between Models

    Updated 15th September, 2019 by cacatman If you have any information about compatibility, please leave a comment! Introduction Disclaimer - Use at own risk ("@Trump" made me put this comment in!!) Nowadays, especially for the older models, deteriorating Oakley sunglasses parts are hard to...
  6. Murph1219

    For Sale Having (another) baby sale.

    Hello O bro’s. Bit of joyous news as my wife and I are expecting our 4th (and final) child. Just got this one in under the wire as I’m expecting to be deployed again next year. She’s hoping for that elusive little girl but we’ll see how that goes. So I’m cleaning out the closet trying to find...
  7. Murph1219

    Buying Juliet, XS rubber.

    Well Oakley F**ked my order up so I didn't get any of the Juliet rubber I ordered when they posted it a couple months back. Anyone order too much and need to unload a couple boxes without taking me to the cleaners? Could use a set of XS rubber also. Thanks, Greg
  8. Jon the Don

    Well, here they are folks....

    After I sent a couple of snotty Emails about the shoddy way Lux Customer Services conducted themselves regarding an order for Juliet Replacement Rubber Kits, a nice lady in C/S arranged as a good will gesture to send me the last remaining Juliet Rubber Pieces that were in Oakley England H.Q. So...
  9. joecool862

    Hatchet Replacement Rubbers

    So I've searched the forum and found some info on Hatchet frame replacement rubber but haven't seen anything clear about what other rubbers can work for the stems and nose pads. I understand OEM is nearly impossible to find, so what other options do we have?
  10. Jon the Don

    Dealing with Oakley

    Rant time..... Placed an order with Oakley UK on 16th June 2017 when the Juliet Rubber Kits showed as back in stock. Got in there quick and ordered four sets to last me a while, along with some replacement Straight lenses. Today, after hearing nothing for the last 14 days and not receiving...
  11. Jdobbs325

    For Sale Custom Juliet w/Accessories

    Custom Carbon Juliet w/Polarized (OEM) ice iridium lenses. Comes with the following accessories: X-Metal Soft Case New Polarized Black Iridium Lenses (OEM) w/box New black Earsock/Nosepad set- Black w/box Frame- 9.5 - Just a little wiggle in the nose but nothing major Lenses- 9.5 Asking $385...
  12. F

    Buying Oakley Half X Rubbers

    Looking for a set of Oakley Half X Stem covers and nose pads please PM if anyone has a set Thanks a ton in advance Josh
  13. B

    So year 2016, Where does one find blue gaskets for juliets?

    Got a pair of blue nxt irridiums from Linegear. Now I want blue rubber parts to match but searched ebay, welleva and linegear. No luck on blue gaskets. I'm curious about those in the glow in the dark thing for rubber parts but those threads seem to have stopped years ago.
  14. Rotorhead

    Sold Juliet Lenses and rubbers set - - Tungsten Iridium Polarized / Root beer rubber - New

    For Sale is a set of Juliet Tungsten Iridium Polarized lenses and matching root beer / brown, ear socks and 2 sizes of nose pads. All flawless, I believe the rubber set is Oakley but I am not 100% sure. Price is SOLD hardeck, shipped to US. Out of US add shipping. Thanks for looking.
  15. iwill

    Buying R1 OEM gaskets and rubber

    Please reply with OEM products only - I know Juliets fit but I figured why not throw it out there too. I know it might take a minute to find it but I'm not in a rush. Thanks
  16. bean323

    Buying R1 Black rubbers. (Romeo 1)

    sold my other r1's and sent with them my last set of black rubbers. so... looking for a set of black rubbers. would prefer OEM (oakley) since these will be my daily pair. 25 ear socks (think thats the correct name). thanks
  17. bean323

    Buying Romeo 1 Black Rubber Set

    i see that Linegear sells them here and at a decent price. (unsure of shipping and how long to get them). any alternatives or for sale? Looking to change up present set.. or buy another romeo. :) thanks!! /bean
  18. 702baby

    Buying Eye Jacket 1.0 Earsock

    Looking to buy or trade for one Eye Jacket 1.0 earsock, just need one. Let me know if you have one to spare thanks.
  19. Matheus Sampaio

    Combinations of rubbers + lenses - X-Metal Frame (X-Squared )

    Hey guys, how are you? Next , acquired recently an X-Squared X-metal with Black Iridium lenses Ducati. Frame is new, however, the lens is well worn. I wish friends offered me some models of combination of rubbers + lenses so that I can ride my glasses. In another moment , they forwarded me a...
  20. CrazyALee

    Buying Temple 15 shocks for Juliet (or other x metals)

    Hello! I'd like to buy a set of OEM black temple 15 shocks. I also have new OEM 25's to trade if anyone willing (black color). Please let me know, thank you!
  21. Eon


    Seller: @Dallas O Hog Waiting for the items to arrived. thanks man! :)