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    Sold  Romeo Rubber Kit

    Up for sale is Black Romeo rubber kit, 2 Black Earsocks (CE + Made in USA) 2 Upper Gaskets 2 Lower Gaskets 2 Nosebombs 2 Tshox 25 $old shipped CONUS
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    Buying  WTB X-Metal T-Shox - Size 15, fits Mars - Romeo - XX - Juliet

    Looking to purchase some extra sets of Black Size 15 Temple Shocks in NEW/Like New condition. Please pm if you have any for sale! Thanks, Chris
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    Buying  Looking for Half X earsocks and nosebombs.

    I'm not actually sure what all colors are or were a available for these oem or otherwise!. So I'm curious what maybe out there and if anyone has any available for purchase. Thanks!
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    Sold  X-Squared Black Rubber kit OEM

    XS OEM Black Rubber Kit in mint condition. - 2 Orbital Gaskets - 2 Temple Shocks - 2 Nosebombs (Large) - 2 Earsocks (CE and Made in USA) Asking $OLD Shipped CONUS Paypal G&S
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    Sold  Starting over sale

    Selling off my xmetals that are not complete and starting over with complete sets. Pm me with reasonable offers as these are all obo, but I know what I paid for them and I'm not giving them away. R1 Xm black-7/10 SOLD w/xtra lens R2 Xm Ruby-9/10 $350 Xx 24k-9/10 $400 serialed Mars crater...
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    Buying  Scalpel Earsocks and Nose pads

    Hey guys. Can anyone help me? I'm looking for Scalpel black earsocks and nose pads to give some extra life to my frames. Here is the only image fo the rubber kit that I've found on internet. I have a US address.
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    Sold  Juliet Ducati accessories

    Alright here we go another shot at selling. I'm new at this so if I need to take better pictures or you have any tips feel free to let me know. Trying to make this as painless as possible. Juliet OEM Ducati etched lens, 2 "specks" on left lens in the corner closer to the nose piece (out of...
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    Buying  MARS OEM RUBBER KITS (full kits, RED or BLUE)

    hey guys has some might know iam a mars lover, especialy those leathers lol... i have 2 craters that iam doing some custom leather on them, and ill do a blue ichiro themed one and a ducati version on the second. if any one has some to sell PS: if u have only the blue or red nose bombs that...