1. SolarOracle

    Sold Romeo Jordan Kit

    Up for sale is a new Jordan Rubber Kit 2 Red Earsocks (no Etching) 2 Upper Gaskets 2 Lower Gaskets 2 Nosebombs $OLD shipped CONUS Would consider partial trades for other OEM rubbers (XX, XS, Penny) Good Looks 👀
  2. SolarOracle

    Buying X-Metal XX Nose Bombs

    Looking to get some OEM replacement nose bombs for my XX preferably in good condition. I also have some Ichiro rubbers to trade Thanks J
  3. Gunn

    Found Red Rubbers for the Tincan OO4082-09 Ferrari Edition

    I'm looking for the red rubbers for the Ferrari Tincan OO4082-09. I need a new set. If you have some replacement rubbers, please let me know.
  4. SolarOracle

    Sold Emerald + Rootbeer rubber Kits $45 Each

    2 Kits for sale in new condition / Unworn Juliet Emerald and Rootbeer rubber Kits 6 Pieces each kit 2 Tshox "25" 2 Nosebombs "Large" 2 Earsocks (Made in USA and CE) Rootbeer $OLD Emerald Ichiro $OLD G&S Shipped CONUS
  5. tele

    Sold REDUCED to 50$: Full romeo 2 screw and rubber set + half-x rubbers

    These screws are near impossible to find Location is Finland. Payment with paypal. includes: -screws that hold the lenses (r2) -screws that hold the frame (r2) -rootbeer nose bombs(r2), no signs of use -black nose bombs(r2), no signs of use -black ear socks (r2) -temple shocks size 15 (r2)...
  6. E

    Juliet Temple Shock Sizes

    What OEM Juliet Temple Shock sizes are available? My last pair came with "15" and "25", though I've seen a seller here listing higher numbers. Thanks in advance
  7. T

    Buying Looking for Half X earsocks and nosebombs.

    I'm not actually sure what all colors are or were a available for these oem or otherwise!. So I'm curious what maybe out there and if anyone has any available for purchase. Thanks!
  8. Jmgarcia

    For Sale XS Lenses/rubbers

    1.XS OEM slate lenses Asking $73 with shipping within the US. 2. 3 sets of 15 shox (shallow style), small nose bombs and a pair of ear socks. All rubbers were mounted on frames but show no heavy signs of use. Asking $53. Sold!
  9. SolarOracle

    Found XS Earsocks OEM Black or Ducati

    As title says looking for XS rubbers (earsocks) in new or mint condition. I can also trade new R1 MJ Red or Black Let me know Thanks
  10. SolarOracle

    Sold Ichiro Emerald Slate lenses w/ Emerald Ichiro Rubbers

    Ichiro Emerald Slate lenses w/ Emerald Ichiro Rubbers Lenses are new / Laser Etched "Ichiro 51" Rubbers are like new / never worn / only displayed Temple Shocks Size 15 w/ Small Nose bombs Asking $140 for lenses and $65 for rubbers $180 for both Shipped CONUS PAYPAL G&S
  11. Jmgarcia

    Sold Juliet green rubbers

    For sale a set of juliet green rubbers. Ear socks, 2 sets of temple shox and nose bombs. All OEM and mint. $63 shipped within the US.
  12. Jacob Carstens

    For Sale R1 - complete rubber/gasket sets - black & Rootbeer.

    Hi guys, Selling a lot consisting of 1 complete set of R1 gaskets (upper & lower), 1 complete R1 Rootbeer rubber set (earsocks, nosebombs, 15, 25, 50 & 75 t-shox) and 1 complete R1 black rubber set (earsocks, nosebombs, 15, 25, 50 & 75 t-shox). Hard to see in the pics, but earsocks are CE and...
  13. Fernando

    For Sale XX Twenty rubbers earshocks and nosepads $38

    Description: New 2 blue _ 2 SOLD 2 rootbeer - 1 SOLD 2 orange - 2 SOLD Hello All 6 sets of rubbers for xx twenty available, new condition. 1 set includes 2 nose pads and 2 earshocks $38 each, in g&s allin Thanks for look.
  14. Fernando

    For Sale Xsquared Black rubbers kit

    Hello, for sale a rubbers kit for Xsquared x-metal, is new and came with earshocks and big & small nose pads, in total 6 pieces, is original Oakley rubbers. Price $50 allin Paypals g&s, shipping with tracking number included to all. Thanks for look.
  15. Fernando

    For Sale Brad new rootbeer rubbers for OO

    Hi all... For sale Brad new and orignal Oakley rubbers in rootbeer color for all OO. Condition: BN 4 sets #SOLD - 14 sets available $34 for 1 pair ( 1 left with the OO and 1 right ) $65 for 2 pair $95 for 3 pair Payment in PayPal g&s, shipping included to all with tracking number...
  16. X-Metal Beast

    Sold XS OEM Emerald lenses & LG olive rubbers

    XS OEM Emerald lenses & LG olive rubbers Lenses have been mounted on frame and lightly used, but extremely well taken care of. I can't see any scratches, so I will say 9.5/10, but that's always subjective to each person's opinion. Nothing can be seen when wearing them Please enjoy the pictures...
  17. Jacob Carstens

    Deal With Yasargil

    @Yasargil sent me some spare XX rubbers - thanks for that :)
  18. iluvmyx

    Ear socks questions

    Ok. Ok. Don't laugh at me, but how t.h does one get those socks on and off?! I'm tired of sending them off to be done by a pro...
  19. Fernando

    For Sale Oem Minute earsocks

    I have this rubbers For Minute glasses, New and Oem, all have the ce at the end. Price 20 g&s For pair Shipped. Thanks For look.