1. L5072

    Sold Like new Ruby Lenes

    Juliet Ruby Iridium OEM Like new 1 or 2 light cleaning marks, nothing that affects vision, only used for display 9/10 Have minor marks on edge from being mounted $70
  2. Jaytypes

    Deal Or Trade Like new ruby polarized R1 lenses

    I'm selling or looking to trade my like new cut from big taco ruby polarized R1 cuts, cut by the master @Chris A Hardaway. Looking to get $115 shipped and paypalled I'm willing to trade for XX cuts let me know what you have. Frame not included ;)
  3. Gustavson

    Eyepatch vs pitbull vs big taco which lens to cut, wich is wide?

    I everybody I got a pit bull and I want to put ruby lens on them which lens to cut ? which one will you recommend me to use ? Thankyou I will post some pics I promise