ruby lens

  1. U

    Sold Like new Ruby Lenes

    Juliet Ruby Iridium OEM Like new 1 or 2 light cleaning marks, nothing that affects vision, only used for display 9/10 Have minor marks on edge from being mounted $70
  2. U

    Deal Or Trade Like new ruby polarized R1 lenses

    I'm selling or looking to trade my like new cut from big taco ruby polarized R1 cuts, cut by the master @Chris A Hardaway. Looking to get $115 shipped and paypalled I'm willing to trade for XX cuts let me know what you have. Frame not included ;)
  3. Gustavson

    Eyepatch vs pitbull vs big taco which lens to cut, wich is wide?

    I everybody I got a pit bull and I want to put ruby lens on them which lens to cut ? which one will you recommend me to use ? Thankyou I will post some pics I promise