ruby polarized

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    Trading Looking for Madman

    Looking for a pair of Madman’s preferably with Ruby lenses. Would prefer to trade, but I’m not opposed to a cash deal depending on the deal. Let me know what you guys have.
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    Best lens color for Oakley Holbrooks?

    As the title says. I've been looking into buying a pair of Holbrooks, but have run into trouble as to which lens to choose. My local shop has a very limited selection, and I'll have to order online. I tried to make a custom pair, and ended up with matte black housing, red rivets and icons and...
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    Sold Custom cut Juliet Ruby Polarized lenses

    Like new custom cut condition, but have been mounted. Custom cut by OXM Parts to fit any Juliet frame. They were cut from solid donors that had a good deep red center (pics don't do justice, as we all know). The left lens has a slight wiggle in my orbital until giving the screw an extra turn...
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    Traded Juliet custom cut Ruby Prizm Polarized lenses

    This hurts my feelings because I LOVE the Ruby Prizm Polarized lenses, but I've got to let these go... To be blunt, these aren't base 8. I bought them from OXM.Parts a few months back and they sat for a while until a project pair came back. I believe they were cut by him from Double Edge (base...
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    Sold Xmetal XX with Ruby polarized with box $525

    SPF I have FS a Xmetal XX complete with box no serial frame and it comes with ruby polarized. It comes with coin and foam, gaskets and rubbers are in good condition. The ruby polarized lenses are like new used like twice recently cut by the master himself @Chris A Hardaway! Looking to get...