1. hockeyguy

    For Sale Oakley Crossrange XL

    Selling one of my more recent purchases, these have never been worn and include all of the original items. Frame-Crossrange XL-Matte Olive Camo Lens- Prizm Ruby Includes wind guards, lifestyle and sport stems, and lifestyle/sport nosepieces. $125 plus shipping if interested. Thanks!
  2. MagneticG

    Sold Ruby Carbon Prime

    Like new (basically new, but I took off the Prizm and RX stickers...) Absolutely no flaws. Awesome glasses and very high end looking. The ruby Prizm lenses are outstanding, way better than the traditional ruby Iridium in my opinion. Reason for sale is they were going to be my new daily wear...
  3. Migs the Scientist

    Sold Custom Penny with OEM ruby and OEM torch

    Hello All A completely restored custom penny(was polished), with xmetal finish and tuneup by xman, also 2 sets of mint oem custom cut lenses, ruby and torch. Ready to display or wear daily. The only thing not making them an 'absolute perfect' pair is the slight misalignment of right side...
  4. Sushobhon Samuel Morrison

    Turbine or sliver s

    I really like the new prizm ruby lens..it's nice and vibrant.. Very consistent color..but can't decide which pair to get.. Turbine or sliver xl. I never had those frames... So i don't know anything about their fit or wrap...
  5. Jmgarcia

    Sold Unopened Carbon/Ruby Badman

    Asking $175 shipped within the US.
  6. SolarOracle

    Sold Mint XS Deep Ruby lenses

    Hello Everyone! I am reluctant to sell these beautiful XS Deep Ruby lenses! Never been mounted so far.. Cannot find a scratch on them so listed as Mint to be fair! (9.8/10) Asking SOLD Shipped Canada and US
  7. Mr. Magoo

    Sold Michael Jordan Romeo & Polished Romeo

    Hi, fellow O enthusiasts, I have the following pairs for your consideration: Romeo Polished with Deep Red Lenses Frame: 9/10 polished but it is not mirror finish. Serial number is preserved but it is very faint. Lenses: 9/10 3rd party Red lenses (cannot recall the brand) Rubbers &...
  8. Xformr

    Sold Triggerman Black/clear w/ Ruby

    I've had these for some time as a back up pair in the car, but haven't worn them in a long time. Frames 9/10 - I see no signs of wear, if any Lenses 7/10 - cleaning swirl marks and some surface scratches due to not storing in a mf bag (used the sunglasses holder above the car rearview mirror)...
  9. Bredon8

    Cyclops X-Metal/Titanium Penny

    I know this revives a topic talked about over and over again but I wanted to bounce it off of the enthusiasts. I got a pair of 1st run Ruby Juliets when the first movie came out and got a pair of Titanium Pennys after the second one. I always thought he actually wore Titaniums because that's...
  10. xmetal40

    For Sale X Metal Juliet -- Juliet sold -- lenses available

    CONUS shipping please. Frame shows small marks above right orbital and left ear stem. Rubber parts good all around. Several options available. I will take $225 for this freshly tuned J-Serial frame (thanks @zwc0442) by itself, or I can do any one of the following: Frame + custom cut and mint...
  11. xmetal40

    Why would anyone do this to a Juliet?

    Received lenses a couple years ago as a throw in to a trade. How in the world does someone allow this to happen? Mowing? Weed eating? Notice the ruby learns and four dots. That's not four shadows, but rather four marks from the Iridium peeling/being chipped away. At any rate, I am going to place...
  12. xmetal40

    For Sale Penny Lenses: Ruby, Gold, and Black

    CONUS shipping please. Gold -- Traded! Ruby $40 Black $old Gold comes custom cut, but never worn. Ruby definitely worn; small scratches on each lens. Black in better shape than ruby, especially the left lens. Any questions please PM me. I am open to trade offers or cash/trade deals.
  13. SolarOracle

    R1 Deep Ruby Custom cut Lenses

    Beautiful Mount Deep Ruby Romeo 1.0 Lenses. These are custom cut Romeo R1 lens.
  14. L5072

    My new beauties

    thanks to @scienergy for the great refinish jobs on both of these and the custom cut rubies. They look amazing. Also thanks to @Chris A Hardaway for the awsome chrome iridium in the other pair!
  15. xmetal40

    Sold OTT Carbon/Ruby -- Sold

    $400 Box designed for fmj/black. Any questions please send PM.
  16. ganbagabe

    Replaced the fire iridium with the rubies.

    What do you guys think?
  17. L5072

    Sold Like new Ruby Lenes

    Juliet Ruby Iridium OEM Like new 1 or 2 light cleaning marks, nothing that affects vision, only used for display 9/10 Have minor marks on edge from being mounted $70
  18. R

    PRIZM Ruby vs PRIZM Field

    I play competitive beach volleyball in Texas; trying to decide on which lenses would be best (while also attempting to be as frugal as possible). The sun is very bright here, and I'm often looking up in the sky for the ball. The PRIZM Ruby and PRIZM Field lenses appear to be very similar. I...
  19. L5072

    Sold Custom cut XX ruby lenses- $70 shipped

    up for sale is a set of custom cut turbine rubies for xx. These were cut by Chris Hardaway and are beautiful. Mounted but never worn. $70 inc shipping CONUS
  20. L5072

    Sold Juliet Box

  21. Migs the Scientist

    Could it be?? No more 'Fruby' Iridium???

    Just got these cuts today from @Chris A Hardaway !! Has Oakley turned back the clock and started producing the more classic ruby color???? no filters
  22. Migs the Scientist

    Sold like new Madman Ruby Polarized

    hello all! Worn a few times, realized it's not for me, sticking with the real xmetal line lol All is like new except for some minor flaking of paint at the hinges, see photos inside red circle, these madmans are so delicate! Comes with box, canister, MF bag asking $105.00 conus priority 2-3...
  23. Rotorhead

    Sold Holbrook Fallout Collection - Black Decay and Ruby Iridium....BNIB

    For Sale is a Black Decay and Ruby Iridium Holbrook. Brand Spankin' New - Price is SOLD shipped US. Thanks for checking it out.
  24. Lupetto

    For Sale Xm/X-squared/deep ruby lenses! complete.

    ladies and gents this rare package will make a strong statement! The good: very rare deep ruby ala x-men for the Xm/Xs frame best look I've seen! Comes with extra lenses if payed in full.( fruby ) with some edge marks nothing in the view. Comes complete with 9/10 box and vault. Bad points. The...
  25. CrazyALee

    Buying BNIB/LNIB Madman in carbon/ruby iridium

    Please shoot me offers and pics. Would like new in box or like new (at least 9/10 condition) madman in dark carbon/ruby iridium polarized combo.....
  26. Chris A Hardaway

    Sold Romeo R1: Ice Iridium Custom Cut Lenses

    All items in bold are in stock! Most beautiful custom cut Romeo lenses are from Perfect 8.75 OEM Authentic base curve lenses. All of these have been tested to fit! ROMEO LENSES: Slate Iridium (New) $sold Black Iridium (New) $sold Ice Iridium (w pouch) $100 Get shipping in the USA for free...
  27. Fernando

    Buying BNIB OEM Penny Ruby lenses

    Hello I'm loking For one set OF BNIB Oem Penny ruby Iridium lenses, Pm If Have Any. Thanks in advanced.
  28. 702baby

    Sold Ferrari Fuel Cell

    Selling my Ferrari fuel cell. Worn twice at most. Lenses have some swirl marks from cleaning but no scratches. No marks on the frame. Comes with regular black bag and ferrari box but the box is for a Ferrari twoface. $80 shipped to CONUS, international is $10 extra. Paypal fees included in...
  29. iamFLIP

    Sold BNIB sealed Dark Carbon/Ruby Iridium Polarized Madman $260

    i am selling dark carbon/ruby iridium polarized Madman In brand new in sealed box condition Paypal G&S $260 shipped priority within the US. International shipping must pay actual fee. Please PM all offers and inquiries for quicker response. Please also check my trading list:
  30. R

    For Sale Bnib Juliet ruby lens

    Brand new ruby lenses for Juliet. Complete box, foam, lenses and papers. $90 shipped obo pp F&F. ConUS.