1. W

    RUMOR: Oakley To Discontinue Holbrooks

    Please take this for what it is, a rumor, but a good friend and my local rep at the O Store had his DM in town yesterday and there were rumblings of discontinuing the Holbrook! Anyone else heard anything like this? My buddy and I were both in shock about that. I would be devastated. Who...
  2. TheOakleyConnoissuer

    New Oakley Rumors

    have you heard anything about any new designs of oakleys or upgrades of current ones? Post it here! (first post btw :biggrin:)
  3. wrist

    Holbrook Rumor

    So we all already know Julian Wilson is getting a signature Holbrook thats releasing in a few months. However, I heard he will also be getting an AUS exclusive Holbrook as well. Has anyone else heard of this? I know he had an AUS exclusive pair of Jupiters so this doesnt surprise me. If anyone...