rx lens

  1. A

    Normal lens ( Primz) vs RX (Primz)

    Doses sommes one know if the rx lens is less prone to delaminates because i got two warranty in one year.
  2. U

    Sold  X-Metal XX frame, X-Metal color

    Hello and thanks for stopping by here. I'm selling a nice and clean X-Metal XX frame in X-Metal color; rubbers are new, nosebridge in good condition; no serial number in this frame; original Oakley RX lenses installed here, nice to have but you surely have to change them; comes as is, nothing...
  3. KillerCollector

    Oakley RX Lens Display

    Just bought it. What do you think? Nice or not nice?
  4. S

    Prescription (RX) Lenses for X Metal XX?

    Hey guys, Do you know of anybody who does RX lenses for the X metal XX? Preferable, with genuine oakley lenses.