rx lenses

  1. H

    Help! buyers remorse with brand new RX Oakley Straightlink frames/lenses

    Hi all! New member here, have been reading the forums for awhile but decided to finally join since I have a question with my new Oakley’s. My new RX Straightlink frames with polarized lenses arrived last week and to my disappointment things just aren’t right. My prescription did not change...
  2. A

    Normal lens ( Primz) vs RX (Primz)

    Doses sommes one know if the rx lens is less prone to delaminates because i got two warranty in one year.
  3. MerrimanLyon

    Prescription Lenses - OO

    Way back in 2000 I bought a pair of OO wire's with Blue Iridium standard lenses. I had Oakley Rx lenses put in them, and every time my prescription changed I got new Oakley Rx lenses put in them. The last time I went to do the same, I discovered to my horror that I couldn't get OEM lenses...
  4. Jazzy G

    Madman RX Look Great!!!

    Just picked up my new Madman RX! I was going to buy the matching Madman Sunglasses, but they are a little too funky for me. These Madman RX look great, have that old school style blended with Oakley's unique design! I was worried that my round head may be too wide for these (43), but luckily...
  5. markh

    Prescription lenses

    Hi all, it used to be you could only get prescription lenses for certain types of frame and in few colours, recently however you can get most colours in most frames, does anyone use these, apparently the problem was the curve of the lens but now it's ok ? Oh and the cost £320 for straight...
  6. Jason Beer

    RX Lenses

    Hi All, New to the forum so firstly Hi to all :) I just wanted some advise on the RX Lenses? I'm lookin at the Fives Squared frames but I'm undecided whether to go for the BLACK IRIDIUM POLARISED or the GREY POLARISED ones? Has anyone got any experience with these lenses? Thanks - Jason