1. U

    For Sale  Radar Chrome and Radarlock Safehouse Green

    Radar Polished Aluminium frame with vr28 blue iridium lens. Lens has delamination on the outer surface of the lens. Frame is in ok condition. No earsocks. This sale also includes one beater Radarlock xl black iridium lens. Asking 80 USD including shipping Thanks for looking.
  2. U

    Sold  Fast Jacket Safehouse + Transpurple

    Neither has seen much use, primarily used for display. Would consider trading for Safe House Radar/Radarlock or Racing/Split Jacket. Safe House Pale Pink White icons Polished black quick locks Red nose bombs Powder purple socks G30 Polarized XL Lenses - light superficial scratches $120 shipped...
  3. narplife

    What Makes a Model a Safehouse Exclusive?

    I originally thought the Safehouse exclusives were just matte finishes of Oakley Custom Program Team colors, but I've found this photo where that disproves that theory. Also I see some colors that I don't recall being Team colors, for instance the Tiffany Blue & Pea-Yellow. I guess I should be...