sapphire iridium

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    Sold  Sliver Olympics Collection from 2016

    Pictures below. LNIB, never worn. Part of the 2016 Rio Olympics Collection. Lens etched with Rio logo, Rio microbag, and original box. $75 OBO includes CONUS shipping. Frame: Steel Lens: Sapphire Iridium (not polarized)
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    Sold  NIB Sliver Fingerprint Sky Blue w/ Sapphire Iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale now NIB Sliver Fingerprint Sky Blue / Sapphire Iridium don’t have any used or defect all is 10/10 came complete with box, papers and bag. SKU: OO9262-17 Frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Price $130 allin (or best offer) Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping with tracking number...
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    Sold  Rio Holbrook

    Rio Holbrook for sale, NIB never worn. Asking $105 plus shipping.
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    Sold  Sliver - Fingerprint Sky Blue with Sapphire Iridium

    Have no use for these; hoping someone can get some use out of them. Frame is in excellent condition; lenses have a small mark or two; nothing that would affect vision. $60 shipped in the US.
  5. S

    Sapphire vs Prizm Sapphire

    What is the difference between sapphire and prizm sapphire from both inside and outside? I was searching for the pictures of prizm sapphire in the internet, i have noticed that they are slightly different than the prizm ones, specially the edges has slightly pink to it, but i am not sure.
  6. Radstark

    Prizm Sapphire Iridium VS Polarized Sapphire Iridium

    What are the differences, mainly from the inside? How much does this Prizm version distort colours and in what way? Do they really look the same from the outside? Is Prizm ok for everyday and driving? I've read somewhere that it makes reading on computers and phones difficult, is this true? I'm...
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    For Sale  BNIB Rio Holbrook w Sapphire Iridium

    Hey everyone. Have a BNIB holbrook from the Rio games! Asking 120 OBO shipped with PayPal Please let me know if you have any questions!
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    Sold  Radarlock lens LNIB / Sapphire Irid. Pol.

    For sale is a pair of Sapphire Iridium Polarized Lens (Pitch) for Radarlock. They have been lightly used, and I could only find a couple very tiny scratches on the far right side. Does not interfere with vision. My camera could not capture them and they were hard for me to find. Comes with...
  9. S

    Black , Jade or Sapphire

    I want to buy a pair of new evzero pitches ...want a standard colour lens..between black iridium,Jade iridium and Sapphire Iridium what would be the best lens for everyday use?
  10. U

    Sold  B1B Frogskin Matte Blue/Sapphire - drop to $50

    For sale is the B1B Frogskin. BNIB $sold delivered US, outside please PM first. Frame: Matte Blue Lens: Sapphire Iridium Original box, pink MF bag, papers Thanks for taking a look!
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    Sold  Holbrook Urban Jungle w/Sapphire Iridium - price drop

    For sale is a pair of brand new Holbrooks. Frame is Grey Ink Urban Jungle and Lens is Sapphire Iridium. Comes with original MF bag and Oakley soft vault. Price is $55 delivered in US, outside US please PM. Thanks for looking!
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    Sold  Custom Radarlock Array - BNICase/nice mix-drop$20

    For sale is a Radarlock Array that I put together. All is brand new, unused, and flawless. Also every bit is 100% Oakley. The array includes: Frame: Matte Black with white icons, polished black band and lens / icon matching earsocks. Earsocks: Three sets, Electric Blue for the Sapphire...
  13. U

    Sold  Snow Alpine Collection - - - Bluebird w/ Sapphire Iridium -BNIB and price drop

    BNIB / NO FLAWS......For Sale is a pair of Frogskins from the Snow Alpine Family. Frame is "BLUEBIRD" with fade to clear at the ends of the arms. The matching lenses are Sapphire Iridium. A genuine representation of the beautiful songbird. Delivery stateside is SOLD (add appropriately for...
  14. U

    Sold  Heaven Earth Matte Sky Sapphire and Pilgrim Beams Frogskins

    Selling a heaven earth matte sky sapphire frogskins and pilgrim beams frogskins. Both are brand new, never worn and complete. $120 shipped to CONUS, international shipping will be extra. Paypal fees included in price. No trades. *will throw in a USA flag lanyard
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    Sold  XX TiO2 w/Sapphire lens, and extras

    For sale, XX TiO2 in mint condition! Price is $550 shipped paypal F&F or you add fee, US only please. I will shipped USPS priority insured. SOLD The details: -TiO2 frame refinished by X-Man just last month (original finish was 24k) no serial on frame, frame was tuned up at same time so tighter...
  16. Ben G

    Is there much variation with Ice Iridium?

    I know there is a well documented variation in Ruby lenses, old & new +red, but is there with Ice? Basically I have 3 Penny's and 1 Juliet that have ice lenses, but 1 pair of the Pennies lenses are blatantly lighter. The serial on the frame they came in had the PI serial & all the unobtainium...
  17. pupp

    I like blue now...

    I bought these two pairs together, buy one get one half off and they match! I have nowhere near as many sunglasses as some of you all have but for me it's getting a little out of hand at 9 pairs. Heaven and Earth Matte Sky with Sapphire Iridium Holbrooks and Satin Chrome with Ice Iridium Tail...
  18. ProjectCM3

    Purchased Badman Plasma/Sapphire Iridium Polarized

    I got these 2/13/15 but but since I just recently discovered this awesome Forum I'm only just now posting up pics :)
  19. tigbball5

    Tigbball's Frogs

    These are the new frogs I have obtained since joining this forum. 1. Heaven & Earth Collection Matte Sky/ Sapphire Iridium The sapphire iridium lens is absolutely stunning.It is is just like jade iridium but with blue. I pops a lot more than ice. 2.STAPLE x LIBERTY x Oakley This pair is...