1. Tatsudoshi

    Fake Batwolf's and a scam

    I have noticed a few adds on offerup of guys selling the fake Batwolfs, usually for around $50. The best way to tell is if the icons are interchangeable. The sellers are smart though and usually don't show in pictures the inside of the frame. Also stay clear of a guy named Cody selling a pair...
  2. cacatman

    Burnt by Scam PayPal Loophole - Don't get caught out!! Learn from my mistake!!!

    Hi people, Just got burnt pretty bad by a scam involving PayPal. It's ingenious, I have to say! I'm pretty upset, but hey, at least no one got maimed, killed or raped. Got to live and learn, I guess. :) Bear with me. But it's best you read this to protect yourself, especially if you buy from...