1. Dave SM

    Looking for a pair of Don Pendleton and Purple Science Fuel Cells

    Hello, My name is Dave. I am new to this forum stuff. Mostly just go on Ebay etc.. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Eternalgomer

    Sold Science Fuel Cell Matte Black with Violet Iridium

    We have a Science Fuel Cell Matte Black with Violet Iridium lenses. Original box, soft bag and paperwork. In addition, a Science hard case. Asking for $110 including shipping- US only
  3. Sydd.viciouss

    Buying Oakley Fuel Cell Science Edition

    I know this is a really long shot.. but I am looking for a pair of the "Science" edition Fuel Cell, Oakleys. was originally looking for the matte black/violet iridium but at this point I am getting pretty desperate. My boyfriend bought these in black matte/ violet iridium when they just came...
  4. Lamsouth

    Science Fuel Cells

    I recently purchased the violet iridium and the emerald iridium Science Fuel Cells. I love the ear stems on these fuel cells. Were there other colors in this collection?