1. PapaBear970


    So after almost a decade of heavy use, it's time to refurbish my XSquared frames. Already found authentic HDO polarized lenses from the Oakley site and T6 orbital short screws. Anyone know where to find authentic rubbers in color? Specifically root beer? ALSO, looking for the T6 temple hinge...
  2. U

    For Sale Half X Parts (2 pairs Nose Pieces w/ 1 tall screw & naked frame)

    2 pairs (L+F) Half X Nose bombs. One pair is small, second pair is large. 1 Half X screw. This screw is the only version of itself across the x-metal line up and is rather uncommon. $40 PP F&F shipped First Class USPS w/ tracking Also have a carbon frame w/ BP lenses that is missing arms and...