se bikes

  1. kSpirit


    Last one so far.* Now, would somebody please give the monkey on my back a banana? He's making me broke!!!
  2. paff

    What comes with SE Bikes Frogskins?

    Hi everyone. Just a quick question about these Frogs. Want to know what comes in the box, except sunglasses of course. Was there any special flyer or something?
  3. chrisbron

    Due To Popular Demand: Collection Update

    Hey Guys, I got several people PM'ing me on here and FB for an update of my collection. So here it is: I added be@rbrick collectibles to my display: First row (Fade series): Beams clear, beams yellow, primitives, purple fade, cyan fade, rootbeer fade, fire flora...
  4. chrisbron

    Thank You Eltb99!

    Picked these up today from the post office! They're a beauty! Although, one of the legs is 'floppy'. It's really loose- is there a way to fix that? Otherwise I'm well chuffed with these! :dance3: