1. cacatman

    🦘Which Sellers Do You Trust? Here's Cacatman's Top 28 People I think I can trust to buy from! 😂

    Updated 30th October, 2020 by cacatman NEW FEATURE Click this link to get ONLY the TRADING THREADS of the TOP 29 TRUSTED SELLERS! This is a List of Trusted SELLERS. Please keep that in mind when you write a recommendation. A blacklist of bad sellers is not permitted on O.F., but if you want...
  2. cacatman

    Burnt by Scam PayPal Loophole - Don't get caught out!! Learn from my mistake!!!

    Hi people, Just got burnt pretty bad by a scam involving PayPal. It's ingenious, I have to say! I'm pretty upset, but hey, at least no one got maimed, killed or raped. Got to live and learn, I guess. :) Bear with me. But it's best you read this to protect yourself, especially if you buy from...
  3. xmetalmaniac

    Oakley Ebay Sellers

    Since most of us are Ebay lurkers just trying to snare that deal, we should at the very least have a thread that we can post sellers that are legit with Oakley items and ones that are pushing a scam..... At the very least there are some Oakley sellers that are note worthy and should be...