1. discostu

    Carbon Ducati DC serial

    An interesting listing for a Carbon Ducati with a DC serial - see photo and is very low at number 50. They were apparently received from Neil Hodgson and passed down. Ebay item number 282134964927 Could be one for the serial list. @barberp
  2. i am rich

    HQ Bunker Serial Owner List

    HQ Bunker List Forum members who provide a pic of their HQ Bunker, please PM @i am rich, @xmetalmaniac or any Admin/Mod to have the master list updated. Thanks and Congratulations on an "Iconic" piece. 05 - PSIguy - Kory 08 - Wicked 09 - the_owl 11 - Oakleygarth 18 - i am rich 19 - Brettc10...