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  1. Shade Station

    New Oakley Sunglasses

    Hey guys, We now have Sutro and Forager in stock from the new release, the rest to follow in April! What's everyone's thoughts on this season's collection?! Frames in order of list are: Sutro Forager Mercenary Eye Jacket Redux Frogskins Mix Oakley Sutro Sunglasses - Free Delivery - Shade...
  2. Shade Station

    New Collection now available at Shade Station!

    Hi everyone, The new collection of Oakley sunglasses are now available at This includes EVZero, Latch SQ, Turbine Rotor, Sliver XL and Sliver R. Here a few campaigns of the new models you may be interested in: Latch SQ...
  3. wallcrawller

    Need help in identifying my oakley

    anyone knows the model of this Oakley? I'm trying to sell it but no idea of the model and price. Will appreciate anyone who will answer. Thanks in advance.
  4. OakleyOneKenobi

    It hurts.......

    Hurts...Shade Station - 24K Oakley Juliet Sunglasses! :slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow: