shallow water prizm

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    Shallow Water Polarised vs. Deep Water Polarised lenses for rowing?

    Looking for a first pair of Oakleys to use while rowing. Based in England, conditions can vary from cloudy and low light, to very high glare off water in the summer. Ideally looking for a pair of Radar EV Pitches ( I have a quite a small head shape but want maximum coverage with pitch lenses to...
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    Sold  Radarlock Mega Bundle

    2 frames - Fingerprint Sky (no earstem rubbers) - Black Ink 14 lenses - Fire, Prizm Road, Clear, Grey, Shallow H20 Polarized, etc. 2 sport cases All lenses are in good or great shape, the blue frame has seen better days, cases are unused. Asking for $299 OBO CONUS
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    My new X squared with shallow water Prizm lens

    Just got my lenses last night from @Chris A Hardaway (Thanks Chris!) and installed them into my blank X squared frames I recently bought on the bay. Not sure if the edges of the lenses on the nose side could be pushed in a little further. Any thoughts?
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    Is it Shallow Water or Prizm Golf?

    Marcel Kittel from team katusha alpecin rocking radar ev pitch, my favourite frame btw, but is it prizm golf or prizm shallow water?