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    For Sale  Oakley Holbrook Grails/MISC

    I have a few Holbrook Grails I’m parting with as well as a couple other miscellaneous pairs just time to move on from them with baby #2 on the way. All these are OBO. Oakley SW 24k Gold FMJ frame. Complete in box (box is a little messed up but the case and glasses are in good condition. I...
  2. K

    Value Thread Ask About Prices Here

    Thought it'd be a good idea to post a thread for anyone who wants to find out the value for a certain pair of Oakleys in one spot by adding on to this thread. If you're wondering how much your Oakleys are worth, this is the thread. Please do not make lists of every pair in the world and its...
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    For Sale  Bundle of Shaun White Pop Card Displays

    Selling these Shaun White Pop Card Displays. Cards are in excellent condition. They measure 4x6. $20 for all, shipped.
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    For Sale  Goldbrook 24k Shaun White BNIB

    My first time back to the forum in TOO long. Sadly, I’m clearing out some pieces of my collection, and here is my favorite of it all. Shaun White Holbrook “Goldbrook” FMJ 24k. Never worn, rarely taken out of the box. Plastic sleeves kept on the stems, all original paperwork. Outer box is 9/10 ...
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    For Sale  Frogskins Sale (4-Legged, Matte Red, and more)

    Hi all, letting go of most of my collection, as I'm only wearing a few pairs and the rest are just sitting on the shelve collecting dust. All pairs are in excellent condition, 9/10 - some have never been worn. Blacklight Pink/Yellow, 24K Iridium: 60 $USD (Box & bag, never worn) Blacklight...
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    For Sale  Shaun White Signature Series Card - holbrook&enduro

    Hello OF for the cards of the special edition of Shaun white Holbrook and a duro cards both in perfect condition. Price $75 allin (or best offer) Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping with tracking number and total insurance included to all ). Thanks for look.
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    Buying  Shaun White Pouch bag

    I'm looking for this pouch bag, fair price please.
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    Sold  Shaun White Blue Chrome Frogskins

    Picked these up a while back in a trade and they've just been sitting under my case ever since. Figured I'd try to pass them along to someone who will appreciate them. Glasses are like new and come with everything shown. Please let me know if you have any questions. $305 shipped in the US.
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    For Sale  Various Frogs

    Hey, After, I guess, a few years out of the game, I’ve decided to sell some of my frogs. These are all shelve pieces. Most have never been worn and all are 10/10. They all come with box, bag and papers if not noted otherwise on the individual piece. All prices excluding shipping. EU shipping...
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    Sold  Shaun White 24K FMJ Holbrooks $425 BNIB

    Hey, selling these as I'll never wear/display them. They are BNIB. Looking for $425 including shipping OBO. Thanks, PM me if you want more pictures.
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    Sold  GOLDBROOK 375$

    selling goldbrook glasses+case+ mf only SOLDOBO!!plus 20$ shipping. Glasses 9.5/10 case 7/10 mf 9/10. Case has scrape inside the icon + general wear throughout. Send message with questions. Thanks for checking! OBO!!
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    Sold  Holbrook Goldbrook 10% off

    I love this pair but the collection is growing too much too fast, so I'm letting it go. Frame is 9/10 (it looks perfect to me, but there are some minor, super light lines on the arms, almost impossible to see) Lenses 10/10 Never used, only for display. No box. Before: $450 // NOW 10% off: $405...
  13. U

    For Sale  OCP All matte black frame, Union Jacks (SOLD), 4 Legged (x3), and SW Frogs *PRICES LOWERED*

    Hi Everyone, I have some frogs I'm looking to pass onto someone that will use them, since they have just been sitting in the cases for a long time. The glasses are in various conditions from never worn to having a few scratches, so please see below for more info. I used to work for Oakley, so I...
  14. N

    Holbrook temple arms

    I have a pair or the 24k shaun White holbrooks and I lost one of my arms. Anyone know where I can get a replacement temple arm?
  15. Henzvein

    Holbrook Replacement arms

    Hey guys, I somehow managed to snap one of the pins off of my Brown tort/24k Shaun White Holbrooks. Where would be the best place to pick up a new one? Thanks
  16. mjt42

    Free Shaun White Microfiber Bag

    forum member Mr. K started a competition a couple of weeks ago with a small prize of which i was fortunate to win.... i felt it only right to keep the thread going by offering something from my collection in return. X metal contest fun with a prize | Page 8 | Oakley Forum please have a go...
  17. J

    Which case for Enduros?

    Hey I just bought a pair of Shaun White Enduros and need to buy a case. Can anyone vouch for a particular one that fits the Enduros nicely?
  18. Prospec

    Loving the Shaun White Holbrooks

    i really love the 24k iridium lenses in this ones,they are not polarized but its all good:cool-20:
  19. eBayOakleys

    For Sale  Oakley Shaun White Blue Chrome FMJ/+Red Iridium

    NEW Oakley Frogskins Shaun White Blue Chrome FMJ /+Red • RARE Limited Edition • $549.99 End Date: Apr-05 09:47 Buy It Now for only: US $549.99 Buy it now | Add to watch list Continue reading...
  20. cdelly

    New Frame? - Shaun White

    Is this a new lifestyle?
  21. JDubs

    New SW Collection (not Real)

    So now that he got fourth is the new color of his collection going to be "participant ribbon blue"? LOL
  22. picasin

    Value of Shaun White Blue Chrome and STPL Frogskins?

    What would the members here ask for bnib Shaun white blue chrome and STPL frogskins pink dove
  23. dallious

    Hot In Today

    finally after being on a mission they never been out of the box, hope I do not give in, would like to wear these, one of the few.
  24. oakleygolfer

    Shaun White Frogskins - How many were produceed?

    How many Shaun White frogs are there? There's the Chromes, and then there's the recent polished black w/24k. Are there any other pairs?
  25. kSpirit

    The Year So Far...

    So I finally got some time to take some pics of this year's additions...kinda been putting it off till I had something nice to show, then my camera broke and finally I was gone for a month... Back home so here we go: First off Neon Yellows which I got in a trade from Kennthekotto back in...
  26. indofirgun

    Indofirgun Started To Collect Frogskins

    Hi, I'm newbie on this forum but has started to love and collect frogskins, even I never worn these. These are the result of hunting that IMO still has a under value price. I hope can add my collection, especially for rare items.
  27. Mrs H

    New Shaun White Frogskin

    So, my BNIB SW 24K frogs have finally arrived. They look fab on :0) Pics to follow . . . .
  28. J

    Latest Pick-ups

    Atmos Supreme, Bearbricks, SW Blue Chrome Time to take a break...a long break!
  29. chrisbron

    Due To Popular Demand: Collection Update

    Hey Guys, I got several people PM'ing me on here and FB for an update of my collection. So here it is: I added be@rbrick collectibles to my display: First row (Fade series): Beams clear, beams yellow, primitives, purple fade, cyan fade, rootbeer fade, fire flora...
  30. Shawn Nwahs Yeo

    Shawn's pond of frogs.

    Hi all, I'm quite new to this forum. Below's my humble collection of Frogskins, nothing compared to many here. They're arranged in chrono order. New frogskins will be updated in this thread in the future. :smile: