1. Madscience

    Oakley shoe one

    My ShoeOne collection 🤺 ShoeTwo - UK 10 Shoeone Black low - UK9.5 For sale soon due to not being my size, trades welcomed!
  2. U

    For Sale Shoe One Black with matching box

    Shoeone Black size 12 with matching box, no issue on boots and the bottoms appear to have little, if any wear - these may technically be new, I don't know - they are a size too big for me. They are very clean, with the original laces included. $225 shipped CONUS PP G&S and/or best offer, also...
  3. U

    For Sale Oakley Shoe One Silver High

    Appropriate for someone who wants a pair just for their collection, not necessarily to wear, maybe to sit on top of their cab... Does not include any laces, only the boots, as shown. Size 13.5, stitched and used but no stink. The kevlar boots and soles are actually in great shape. No issues to...